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You can now export your Google Podcasts shows to YouTube Music

There’s no timeline on when the migration feature will be available outside the US.

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Google Podcasts has launched a new tool to make it easier for users to migrate to YouTube Music or other platforms. 

A few weeks ago, Google announced that it is ending its long-running Podcasts app. So, users will have to look into other platforms to meet their needs.

And to help with that process, Google promised to launch a new tool to help users migrate to different platforms. 

The company has finally launched the said tool and is currently rolling out to users in the United States. 

New Google Podcasts feature is currently available only to US users 

The announcement comes through a support page, where Google has announced it is launching a way for listeners to move their shows over to YouTube Music or other platforms. 

Here’s how to migrate from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music:

  1. Visit the Google Podcasts app
  2. Select Export subscriptions at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Export under ‘Export to YouTube Music’
  4. Select Transfer on the YouTube Music app
  5. Select Continue
  6. Select Go to Library to view your subscriptions once the transfer is complete

After completing the process, users will be able to see the subscriptions pop up in their library.

However, if you want to migrate to a different platform, Google Podcasts has provided the option to download the subscriptions as an OPML file or through Google Takeout.

The company has also addressed that it will be a long process, and some podcasts may not be available on YouTube Music. However, you will be able to save the missing shows to your library via the show’s RSS feed link.

The “Export” function on Google Podcasts is currently only available to listeners in the US, but the company has promised that it will soon make it available in more regions through an update. 

While there’s no rush to export your subscriptions, remember that Google Podcasts will go lights up in March 2024, and users will have until July to make their move. 

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