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Harassment off Twitch can lead to the ban hammer

Just don’t be an ass, okay?

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Twitch has been an excellent platform for content creators and streamers to build their brand. As platforms build popularity and notoriety, users inevitably flood in and cause problems. Twitch has been facing issues of harassment for years, and now they include a punishment conduct that applies to all platforms off-site.

Via Twitch’s community guidelines FAQ:

“Our desire to moderate verifiable off-Twitch harassment stems from our belief that ignoring conduct when we are able to verify and arribute it to a Twitch account compromises on our most important goals: Every Twitch users can bring their whole authentic selves to the Twitch community without fear of harassment.”

The new guidelines are in effect starting March 5 and are not retroactive. These rules mean that any activity that happened before March 5 will not be subject to any disciplinary action. Twitter will be the place where most off-site harassment will occur. Harassment will be easy to detect and easy to verify with picture proof.

The latest community guideline also addressed other forms of “hateful conduct,” which can result in a ban on Twitch. These conducts include discrimination based off of their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, appearance, and military veteran status.

These rules come after the popular streaming personality Guy Beahm, or Dr. Disrespect, was a target for ridicule after he was caught using a fake Chinese accent in a racist manner.

What do you think about the rules? Do you think they will help? Do you believe Twitch has no ground to punish users for off-site action? Let us know in the comments below! 

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