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Hashtag finder: How to properly search for them

As an important point in working with hashtags, we have chosen these few tips that you need to pay attention to when selecting relevant hashtags

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Searching for trending Instagram hashtags is quite a difficult task because, very often, it does not have a clear structure. After all, how can you know which hashtags are more popular and can bring you real profit?

One of the main mistakes when searching for hashtags is the desire of users to instantly increase likes for a particular publication, rather than a stable growth of the entire account as a whole. In this issue, we should think more broadly because fullfledged account growth is much more important than onetime likes under posts.

Therefore, you need to choose the hashtags attentively because the right choice can help you to increase the engagement rate and drive traffic to your page in the long term. And if you want to prevent the search from becoming a routine and taking up a lot of time, you can use the hashtag generator. But first things first!


In the preparatory stage, you need to analyze your Instagram content and highlight the main themes that you use to create it. On this basis, you will need to select relevant hashtags in the future. Analyze the interests of your TA, as well as the main topics of your uploaded publications. Don’t forget to pay attention to related themes. It can bring you additional traffic.

Next, you need to decide what is the optimal number of hashtags you will use under one Instagram post. The allowed number is 30 hashtags. However, you should not write so many hashtags. According to statistics, users do not like it when an Instagram post includes an extensive list of hashtags, as they irritate the attention and interfere with the adequate perception of the publication.

Another important point is where to put hashtagsin the post description or the first comment. Frankly speaking, the placement of hashtags does not affect their work in any way. No matter where you use them, they will work equally well from the main description and the first comment. Therefore, in this question, proceed from your desire and the aesthetic appeal of your Instagram post.

Finally, the optimal number of hashtags per post is 1520. However, these should be trending and working hashtags that will increase traffic several times. How to choose them correctly? Lets consider it right now!

The main part

Now let’s go deeper into the topic of how exactly you can choose trending and working hashtags. As I said earlier, you need an assistant in this matter, namely hashtag generator. This unique and advanced tool based on AItechnology. Such technology helps to find the most relevant variants of hashtags for a particular post quickly.

It selects the appropriate options for you based on three search options:

  • Search by photo. You need to upload the main photo of your post, and the service will select more than 100 relevant hashtags for you.
  • Search by keywords. You need to add a few keywords that reflect the main topic of your post. Then the service will select the appropriate options based on them.
  • Search by URL link. If your post has already been published, but you haven’t added hashtags yet, or you want to change them, then you can add a link to the Instagram post. Within a few seconds, the service will select new hashtags that you can use under your post.

It is important to note that Instagram hashtag generator shows the analytics of each hashtag. It includes information about the overall popularity of the hashtag, as well as the frequency of its use.

Based on this data, you need to select 15-20 hashtags. Then, you need to add them to the field and see in real-time how they will look under your Instagram post. Also, you can choose where your hashtags will be placed. Above we have already spoken about the available places.


As an important point in working with hashtags, we have chosen these few tips that you need to pay attention to when selecting relevant hashtags.

  • Frequency

If you think that using the most popular hashtags that hashtag finder picked up for you guarantees you high traffic, you are mistaken. It is not necessary to only use popular hashtags, as they have a high rate of competitiveness. Hashtags must be used no more than 300,000 times.

  • Relevance

Don’t forget about Instagram trends. This applies not only to publishing posts and stories but also to selecting hashtags. Add some trending tags that everyone hears about. This will provide you with additional traffic from avid Instagrammers.

  • Strategy

Mindless hashtagging that doesn’t follow any strategy is a nonworking plan. Think about a strategy for using hashtags. For example, you can change the list of hashtags daily, thereby attracting a new audience to your account. Besides, changing hashtags will allow your post not to get lost in the general list of hashtags and to be actual forever.

Hashtag Finder: Final part

In conclusion, we would like to draw your attention to the main points of this article:

  1. Analyze your account before you start working with hashtags.
  2. Develop a strategy for using hashtags.
  3. Select hashtags using the hashtag generator.
  4. Analyze each selected hashtag.
  5. Separate the hashtag list from the main text. Use only relevant hashtags.
  6. Change hashtags as often as possible.

We hope that this article has guided you in the right direction when working with hashtags. With a clear plan of action, you can not only increase traffic and engagement but also set up a stable development of your Instagram account. Good luck!

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