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Hello Neighbor 2’s AI will improve as more people play the game

The game is available as a free alpha right now on Xbox and PC.

hello neighbor 2 launch screen
Image: TinyBuild

Hello Neighbor 2 is a highly anticipated horror title from indie publisher TinyBuild. The game’s predecessor contained AI that adapted to a user’s playstyle as the game went on. The latest installment in the franchise will build upon that by containing AI that adapts based on the play styles of everyone who plays the game.

Hello Neighbor 2 is set right after the original game’s events, and adaptive AI is still a big priority. In this game, you play as a local news reporter who is suspicious of the local creepy neighbor, Mr. Peterson. People have been going missing in the cozy town of Raven Brooks.

Our hero, Quentin, suspects that Mr. Peterson has something to do with this, though there is no proof. You are tasked with infiltrating the scary house and uncovering any secrets that Mr. Peterson has been hiding. Mr. Peterson’s AI gives him the tools needed to combat Quentin in his attempts.

The AI software built into the game ensures that each gameplay experience is unique. In Hello Neighbor 2, players will be experiencing a Mr. Peterson who has had the opportunity to learn from other players in order to predict what might happen next. This means that the game will become more difficult as more and more players progress through the story as the AI learns new ways to stop the player.

In addition to upgrading the AI of Mr. Peterson, players will also be able to interact with all of the members of the Raven Brooks community. These other characters won’t necessarily act like Mr. Peterson, but they will have the same AI adaptive capabilities, making for a unique experience for everyone.

The AI is still being perfected, and there is still no word on when this game will be released. However, Xbox and PC users can now download the alpha of the game for free. If you are on PC, you can try the game on Steam. Xbox users can download the alpha on either Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

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