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HercLéon launches Kribi, the underwear that you can wear for weeks

The Kribi underwear is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo starting at $39 for one pair. 

HercLéon cribi underwear
Image: HercLéon

This month, HercLéon, a brand known for their self-cleaning socks and t-shirts, has now gone where most wouldn’t dare: Self-cleaning underwear.

Wearing the same pair of underwear for days at a time isn’t exactly a welcoming thought to most people, but the team at HercLéon wants you to revisit this idea. Underwear is one of the most polluting articles of clothing that we wear. It’s a huge part of the fast-fashion industry and it doesn’t tend to last very long with the constant washing. Then, once you’re done with a pair, you’re not very likely to go and donate it like other articles of clothing. Most underwear ends up in a landfill where it might not even biodegrade. 

While now you may agree that sustainable underwear is indeed a necessity, how exactly does self-cleaning underwear work? It has all to do with the materials. The Kribi underwear is made from a new material the company calls “HercFiber.” It’s essentially the combination of natural materials, such as beechwood, eucalyptus, and bamboo, blended with metals like silver and copper. The result is underwear that stays fresher and cleaner for much longer and has improved breathability, absorbency, softness, smoothness, and thermodynamics.  

What about the self-cleaning part? According to HercLéon, while most clothing and underwear allows for bacteria to grow uncontrollably, Kribi is explicitly designed to slow the growth and eliminate it. The material is still susceptible to smell-causing bacteria, but the difference is that that smell isn’t going to last like it will on cotton and polyester. HercLéon recommends that you let your Kribi underwear air out when you’re not wearing them in order to speed up the cleaning process. 

“While the mass of people that see the products we create as gross, we see them as a necessary next step towards a cleaner future,” says Wenceslaus Muenyi, Founder and creative director of HercLéon. “Humans have survived on this plant for many years with habits that are not sustainable, and the only way we can move forward and be on this planet for another two thousand years is to be open-minded about how we live life and support products that support our survival as a species. So, we are happy to take the criticisms that come with pushing humanity towards a cleaner future, because we know that this is a critical next step and we’re excited to be the one that helps move us forward together.”

The Kribi underwear is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo starting at $39 for one pair. 

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