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Hinge launches a brand campaign that literally kills its mascot for love

Love is death

hinge mascot hingie
Hingie must die for you to love (Image: Hinge / Red Antler)

Hinge, the dating app that would rather you meet IRL after its algorithms have had their way with you, is today rolling out a brand campaign featuring a thing that endures your neglect and pain in the effort to get you out there and dating.

This is the first international creative brand campaign from the dating app company and it features a slew of cheeky ads featuring Hingie, a fuzzy representation of the Hinge icon. It seems to be a less-than-sentient mascot, as it meets its doom in twelve different scenarios that each spread the message that the apps feelings won’t be hurt if you actually meet someone IRL and delete the damn thing.

The campaign will be plastered all over the NYC subway system until September 8th if you want to check out the many ways Hingie meets its appropriate death. The ads were created alongside Red Antler, Hinge’s long time creative agency. For those of you not on the subway, there are also a couple video ads that will be running across social channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Hulu.

There’s this one

And this one

Hinge sells itself as the dating app that was meant to be deleted. Hinge notes that the majority of its downloads come from couples sharing their stories with friends, an example that user success in love equates to the success of the company. Hinge is not the app for serial daters and philanders, it wants to be the last dating app you ever use.

“We get it. Hinge users want to get off dating apps and into a relationship,” says Nathan Roth, Chief Marketing Officer at Hinge in a press release. “Through Hingie’s death, we’re letting singles know that Hinge is dying for them to find love. I hope the campaign inspires even more singles to join Hinge and meet someone worth deleting the app for.”

The gist is that Hingie needs to die in order for you to find love. Or at least your interpretation of love, or something close to it, or at least someone that you can stand long enough to not have to spend your waking hours inside an app, slowly descending into romantic madness.

What do you think? Do you use Hinge? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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