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Hot Shot Burn is a local multiplayer arena game with the best synthwave soundtrack – PAX West 2019

The soundtrack alone makes this one worth it.

hot shot burn gameplay
Image: Hot Shot Burn

I first heard Dance With The Dead, a hard rock synthwave duo, a few years ago and I immediately thought, “Holy shit, I need to make a game with these guys in it.” So imagine my surprise when I’m combing through trailers pre-PAX West and I hear exactly that. I had to play this one to see what it’s all about.

Hot Shot Burn is a multiplayer, arena, twin-stick game by Polish developers Flamingo Flamingo. In it, you pick from one of several heroes, each with unique abilities, and do battle for several rounds to find out which of you is the most lethal. There are points for kills, bonus points for killing the current score leader, points for style, points for picking up nachos strewn about the level, and probably more categories that I’m missing right now.

Check out the trailer for Hot Shot Burn here

My first round, I played as a ghostly character with a crossbow and I got absolutely stomped. She only gets two shots before she has to reload, they’re long-range, and you can hold down the fire button before releasing to shoot through walls. Her non-firing ability makes her go about 95% invisible, which may as well not exist when playing against the devs who programmed that and are completely used to it.

Other characters shoot over walls, other characters leave mines, so on and so on. There are 6 right now with 10 planned. As for stages, there are 14 right now and could very well be more as development continues.

I couldn’t hear the soundtrack, unfortunately, but I got the details on it and I’m impressed. An incomplete list includes licensed tracks by Dance With The Dead, Scandroid, Meteor, Fury Weekend, and two originals by Favorit89, a local artist in Poland.

Hot Shot Burn is on Windows in Steam Early Access right now for $14.99 and will go up to $19.99 on full release. Launches are planned for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in early 2020.

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