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How to change the text size of individual apps with iOS 15

The ability to change text size has been modified in iOS 15 and users can now set different values for specific apps.

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In previous iOS versions, such as iOS 13 or 14, users would be able to change the font size for the entire system. However, Apple has designed iOS 15 to offer more flexibility than before. It is now possible to alter the size of the text for every app that you have installed.

In other words, you can enlarge the text in a messaging app without it affecting the font on your home screen or Settings app.

How to modify the text size for your iOS apps

There are two ways in which you can change the font size in your apps. If you want to make a global modification, you should follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Display & Brightness
  3. Tap on Text Size
  4. Change the font to your desired size

This will modify the text system-wide. It will affect both installed apps as well as system ones and the font of the menus.

How to adjust text size on individual apps with iOS 15

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However, you can also modify the text size only for specific apps with iOS 15. Unlike the system-wide modification, changing the font of the apps can be undone and reapplied without having to constantly go into the Settings menu of the device.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Control Center
  3. Activate the Text Size option
  4. Open the app that you want to adjust the font for
  5. Bring up the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner or the bottom of the screen. The activation gesture depends on your device.
  6. Press the Aa symbol
  7. Select [Name of app] Only
  8. Adjust the font size by moving the slider up or down

You can apply the font size setting to all of your apps by reopening the Control Center, tapping the Aa symbol, and choosing the All Apps option.

Improve the readability of your phone by setting different font sizes for your apps

Although most app developers set the font sizes for their software to be easy on the eyes, some situations may require you to change the text. Keep in mind that some applications may have a built-in feature that will allow you to alter the font size. Always check an app’s settings menu before using the iOS built-in feature.

Furthermore, the app settings will usually take priority over the system-wide ones. This means that the font size alterations that you make inside the app will overwrite the changes that you make from the iOS Settings menu.

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