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How to remove a Blink Camera from its mount

Want to unmount your Blink Camera? We’ll show you how.

The image shows a person hands removing the blink camera from its mount
Image: KnowTechie

We often unmount a Blink camera for one of the following reasons: relocating it to a new position to get better coverage; changing its batteries when they die; and replacing it with a new more powerful Blink camera.

If you haven’t installed the camera yourself, unmounting the Blink camera can be challenging. 

It does involve some muscle power, and there are high chances of getting the camera damaged. However, once you understand the basics, the whole process would seem like a walk in the park.

Let’s walk you through the steps to remove your Blink Camera from its stand/mount within seconds. 

Things to know before removing a Blink camera from its mount

A few things to keep in mind before removing the mount:

  • Unplug the cameras from the power cable (if it’s not battery-operated).
  • Get proper tools ready: e.g. screwdriver, if needed for your mount type.
  • Be gentle while removing the camera from the mount/stand to prevent any damage to the lenses.

How to remove any Blink camera from its mount

For Blink Minis
Image showing the person hands gently pulling the blink mini camera from its stand

Grip the base of the mount with one hand, and gently pull the Blink Mini camera away until it separates.

For wall-mounted Blink cameras
This image shows instructions to pull out a blink camera from an outdoor mount

Slowly wiggle the camera back-and-forth to loosen it from the mount. Then pull gently from the bottom edge until you hear a light snap sound as the camera pops out.

You might be worrying about the amount of force needed. Don’t–the camera and the mount are designed to take this pressure.

Unmounting a Blink camera is a fairly simple process

Removing a Blink camera from its mount isn’t a big deal when you understand how it is built. You don’t need tools or anything other than access to the camera and a little force.

Following the steps above, you can unmount the camera without any hassle.

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