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How to transfer data between two different Nintendo Switches

If you ever needed to transfer data between two Nintendo Switches, here’s how to do it.

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When it comes to transferring data from one Nintendo Switch to another, the task seems like it should be a simple process. But Nintendo doesn’t see it the same way and they work hard to keep a tight leash on your device. While you are allowed to transfer some data using MicroSD cards which will let you share video and screenshots with your friends, sharing games are not permitted.

Fortunately, there is a workaround that lets you share game saves and user data from your Switch to another. Today, we are going to learn this transferring process and how it can help you get more out of your Nintendo Switch.

The Transferring Process

Transferring user data from one Switch to another isn’t a difficult process. In fact, you don’t even have to use MicroSD cards to achieve this goal. To transfer data, both Switch devices have to be in the same place and connected to the internet. But keep in mind, if your Switch is broken, this process will not work for you.

Setting Up Your Switch Devices

The first process of transferring data from one Switch to another is having them in the same place. As you have learned above, you will need to have both devices linked to the same internet Wi-Fi connection. Next, you will need to ensure that your firmware is up to date which means you will need to be running version 4.0. Also, the Switch that you are transferring to will need to have enough room for the data you are moving. Additionally, you should keep in mind that you are limited to just seven profiles per Switch.

Sign in To the First Device

nintendo switch sign in

Next, you will need to sign in to the Switch you are moving the data from. This is also referred to as the source device. Once you have signed in, you will need to navigate to the settings menu and move down to the user’s tab. On the user’s tab menu, scroll down until you see transfer your user and save data option.

Sign in To the Second Device

switch sign in

Once you have signed in to the source device, you will need to sign in to the second Switch. This is communally called the target device. The process of signing into the target device is the same as the source device. But once you get to the user and save data option, you will need to select target console. This will allow the Switch to know that this console is the one that will receive the data transfer. After you have completed this task, you will then need to sign in to your Nintendo account.

transfer data nintendo switch

transfer nintendo switch

Give the Devices Time to Connect

After you have started the connection process, make sure to give the devices enough time to link up. Once the devices have linked, go back to the source device and select transfer. You will then notice a bar showing the transferring process. Once the process has been completed, you can then hit end. The process is now complete. You will notice that the data has moved from the source Switch to the target Switch.

Using A MicroSD Card to Transfer Videos and Screenshots

Now we will talk about the process of using a MicroSD card to transfer both video and screenshots. Keep in mind that these are the only files you will be allowed to transfer using this method. To start, you will need two MicroSD cards for each Switch. After you have your cards, select the Nintendo Switch that you want to transfer images and videos from. Insert the card and head over to the album icon. While you can choose where you want to save your images and video using the settings menu by default, this data is saved in the Switch’s internal memory. Once you have located the images and video you want to transfer, save them on the MicroSD card by selecting the copy option.

Transferring Images and Video to Your Computer

Next, you will need to plug in the MicroSD card into your computer to save them. After the card has been installed, you will notice a file called Nintendo and inside that folder, you will find the album file. After you have all your data saved, take out the MicroSD card and insert the one you will be using for your target device.

Copying Images and Video onto The Second MicroSD Card

Once you have the images and video stored on your computer, you will need to insert the second MicroSD card into your computer’s card reader. This target MicroSD card will be used to transfer your data to your second Switch. Once you have that information loaded onto the card, remove it.

Insert the Second MicroSD Card into The Target Switch

Finally, to complete the transfer process, you will need to insert the second MicroSD card into your target Nintendo Switch. Since the MicroSD card is formatted to that particular Switch, you will automatically be able to pull up your screenshots and videos in the album.


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