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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus preorders go live tonight – Here’s how to get one

At exactly 3:01 AM ET / 12:01 AM PT, the flood gates will open.

iPhone 8
Image: 9to5Mac

iPhone users rejoice. The iPhone 8 is finally here, and preorders will go live starting tonight. To be more specific, preorders will be available on Apple’s site and partner retailers’ sites precisely at 3:01 AM ET / 12:01 AM PT on September 15th.

If you’re looking to get your brand new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus on the official launch date of September 22, here’s everything you need to know.

At 3:01 AM ET / 12:01 AM PT you can head on over to Apple.com and secure your place in line. Additionally, they’ll also be available on every major wireless carrier’s website in the US. These are folks like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and more.

If you’re looking for a particular model and color, it’s best to visit whatever website you choose so you can get your spot in line for the device you actually want. Luckily, a lot of people are holding out for the iPhone X, so chances are, you’ll get the color and model you’re looking for. But that’s never guaranteed.

In the past, it’s been known that Apple’s and a few of the major wireless carriers websites crash due to the high demand of visitors looking to secure a new iPhone. If you so happen to visit any of these sites and they’re not loading, head on over to the App Store app and purchase the phone of your choosing there. You can even buy your iPhone 8 with an installment plan through the app while also taking advantage of any trade-in deals.

The iPhone 8 comes in silver, gray and gold, offering 64GB or 256GB in available space. Prices start at $699. The larger 256GB model will come with a $150 increase to the price, bringing it to $849.


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