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  • apple iphones 2018 apple iphones 2018

    Can the iPhone X wireless charge?

    The answer applies to the X, XS, and XR.

  • apple iphone 12.1 contact exploit apple iphone 12.1 contact exploit

    Apple is now selling refurbished models of the iPhone X for $769

    This is the first time that Apple has done this for the iPhone X.

  • iPhone white iPhone white

    A controversial phone throttling feature is coming to your 2017 iPhone

    Considering the controversy in 2017, it would have been nice to see more transparency from Apple on this.

  • pitaka magdock pitaka magdock

    Review: Pitaka MagDock all-in-one wireless charger

    My previous wireless charger just sits there now looking pathetic AF.

  • apple iphone colors iphones apple iphone colors iphones

    More leaked images of the new iPhones are popping up and, surprise, they look like iPhones

    We'll most likely get confirmation of all models early in September during a press event.

  • iphones 2018 iphones 2018

    Good things come in threes and a new leak might confirm three new iPhones

    We will most likely have to wait until September for an official confirmation, however.

  • kase kase

    Kase makes some of the world’s thinnest phone cases and they’re now on sale

    Minimalist designs to protect your smartphone.

  • airpower airpower

    Honestly, where’s Apple’s long-promised AirPower charging pad?

    LOL, it's been 10 months since Apple announced the wireless AirPower charging pad

  • apple iphone x closing apps india apple iphone x closing apps india

    For some reason it took the release of iOS 12 to simplify closing apps on iPhone X

    But, hey, at least it happened.

  • apple iphone x notifications apple iphone x notifications

    Apple will reportedly release all three new iPhone models with OLED displays

    Because LCD displays are so 2017.

  • camera lens cracks 24-hour clock wifi camera lens cracks 24-hour clock wifi

    There’s a growing number of iPhone X users experiencing camera lens cracks

    At this time, it doesn't look as if Apple has any answers.

  • oneplus 6 beat iphone x notch oneplus 6 beat iphone x notch

    The OnePlus 6 is beating the iPhone X in initial speed tests

    Which really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, since, you know, it's newer and all.

  • new iPhone X cases new iPhone X cases

    Spigen’s new iPhone X cases come with a historical Apple twist

    Nostalgia initiated.

  • mobile download leader samsung galaxy s9 mobile download leader samsung galaxy s9

    It’s official: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 downloads content faster than any other smartphone

    If you're an iPhone X user, you're about 37 percent slower when it comes to downloading speeds.

  • Iphone X Facial Iphone X Facial

    5 useful ways to use Face ID with the iPhone X

    Face ID is for more than just unlocking your phone, check out some of the additional perks that come with Face...

  • galaxy s9 galaxy s9

    Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X 

    Ultimately, it might end up being a decision between the iPhone/Apple family or if you are an Android enthusiast because both...

  • Everything we absolutely know about the new iPhone X Plus

    If you want to know how much information we have about the newest iPhone, read along…

  • airpower airpower

    Apple’s new AirPower can charge your iPhone X, Apple Watch, and Airpods all at the same time

    Hopefully, the radio signals won't attract the aliens!

  • Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9

    The Galaxy S9 looks ridiculously good and absurdly expensive too

    We live a day and age where people expect innovation. In about two weeks, we’ll be able to see just how...

  • urban armor gear cases urban armor gear cases

    Review: Urban Armor Gear iPhone X and MacBook Pro Cases

    A little pricey, but able to withstand the daily beating and still look flawless.

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