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Everything we absolutely know about the new iPhone X Plus

If you want to know how much information we have about the newest iPhone, read along…

Now that Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus were unveiled, the world’s attention moves to the perhaps most important smartphone launch of the year. We’re talking, of course, about the new iPhone.

Although the phone is still months away, rumors are already spreading over the web. Apple’s annual WWDC conference is just around the corner, and the unveiling of the newest iOS will definitely give us a few clues as to what the company has in store for its users.

What We Know About the Name

Let’s start with something we know the least about – the name of the new device. Now, we’re almost positive that the phone won’t be labeled as the iPhone IX. Although most people assume that the device will be called the iPhone XI, recent reports claim otherwise.

We’ve come across a few possible names:

  • iPhone X Plus
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone

Yes – you read that correctly – Apple is actually thinking about simplifying the line-up and calling their new device simply iPhone. But since the majority of recent reports refers to the phone as iPhone X Plus, that’s what we’ll call it for the rest of the article.

Red tulip on iphone wallpaper
Image: The Australian

What Is The Release Date?

The timeline most people are used is a September launch but we can’t be sure about it. In 2017, Apple released both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in September, however, we had to wait another month for the iPhone X to land, so take that with a grain of salt. 

How Many Phones Apple Plans to Release

Even though Apple dipped its toes into edge phones with their previous model, the reports we have indicate that the company is trying to seriously expand its phone lineup this year. As a matter of fact, leaked information suggests that Apple is going to launch a number of phones by the end of the year.

The infamous insider, Mark Gurman said that we can expect three brand new phones from Apple this year. Releasing three models indicates that the company is trying to rationalize the current jumble of phones to a more simplified offering, with clear-cut choices.

So far, this is what we know about the phones:

  • Apple is working a large iPhone with a 6.5-inch display  (codename D33)
  • They are also working on an updated version of the X model (codename D32)
  • Lastly, they are designing a low-cost version of the iPhone X, with an edge-to-edge display

We still don’t have too much information about the low-cost X model. However, according to a report released by Bloomberg a few days ago, both the D32 and D33 will have an OLED display and will use a brand new A12 processor.

What We Know About the Specs

OLED Display

Like we said in the previous paragraph, at least two new models will have an OLED display. Back in September 2017, the company placed an order with their main competitor, Samsung, for 5.2-, 5.8-, and 6.5-inch displays, according to a MacRumors. Apple canceled the 5.2-inch order for unknown reasons.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Apple made an order with Japan Display for the 61-inch screen. The company in question – Japan Display – manufactures FALCD (Full Active LCD) displays, which are noticeably less expensive than OLED ones yet offer the same features.

Design and Case

A recent story published by the Nikkei Asian Review indicates that at least one of these phones will come with a metal case. The low-cost, 6.1-inch iPhone X will probably have a metal case in multiple colors, according to new rumors.  

Casetek Holdings Limited, the company that currently manufactures iPad cases will probably be the supplier for the new iPhone cases. Lastly, both the 5.8- and 6.5-inch phones will probably have a glass case, reminiscent of iPhone X.

TrueDepth Camera

As Mashable reports, the new line of iPhones will not feature the TrueDepth rear cameras. Instead, Apple is focusing launching new phones with front TrueDepth cams. In addition, the 6.1-inch model may not have dual-lens cams at all.

At the moment, it’s not exactly clear whether Apple plans to use AI technology to implement “smart features” such as the Portrait Mode – like Google did with their latest phone – or not.

Wireless Charging

Image: Mashable

We know for a fact that all three models will have powerful batteries. The 5.8- and 6.5-inch models will take advantage of the L-shaped design, previously used in the X model. The cost-friendly model will probably use a regular battery, in an effort to keep costs down.

A report from July confirmed that Apple chose LG Chem to supply the new L-shaped batteries for 2018 phones. And while Apple relies on multiple companies to supply batteries for their phones, LG is the only company that actually manufactures L-shaped ones.

What about the Price?

The iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive smartphone to date. However, Apple may be trying to bring down costs this year. According to a recent KGI report, the company actually wants to reduce both costs and selling prices before the release of the new phone.

What’s more, Apple Insider reports that a new, smaller iPhone with an LCD screen will go on sale this year. And this model will be priced somewhere between $650 and $750, which is well below iPhone X’s initial price.

Just a few days ago, Business Insider’s Kif Leswing tweeted that the 6.1.-inch model will start at 700 dollars while a 5.8-inch will start at 899 dollars. That leaves iPhone X Plus to start at $999. Apple is trying to lower the prices in order to boost sales.

Final Thoughts

And with that, we’re done. That’s all we know so far about this year’s new iPhone. We can expect some new information to come up during the next few months. While most of us can’t wait for the release of the new iPhone – don’t worry – you’ll be able to order it before you know it.

Are you excited for the new iPhone? Is there anything we missed? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments down below! 

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