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Is Elder Scrolls VI going to be an Xbox exclusive?

Microsoft bought Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls developer, back in 2020.

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Image: Bethesda

Microsoft made waves in the gaming community after acquiring Bethesda Softworks last year. Bethesda is a development company known for some of the most successful franchises in gaming history, including both the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchises.

Since that time, there has been a lot of talk about exclusivity for Bethesda games. With Microsoft now being at the helm of what the company is doing, how many of Bethesda’s games are going to be console exclusives?

At first, it looked like exclusivity wasn’t the main goal for Microsoft and its new acquisition. The company even recently released Deathloop, which happens to be a timed exclusive on PlayStation and won’t come out on Xbox until a year after release.

But what about other titles? Will the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI be launched as an Xbox exclusive when it finally comes out?

Will Elder Scrolls VI be an Xbox exclusive?

Short Answer: Probably so.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it certainly looks like The Elder Scrolls VI is going to be an Xbox exclusive. In an interview with GQ, Xbox leader Phil Spencer spoke out about console exclusivity in the Elder Scrolls franchise.

A previously announced Bethesda game, Starfield, has already been confirmed to be an Xbox Series X|S exclusive. As of right now, Spencer says that he believes the same will be the case for The Elder Scrolls VI.

While the door is technically still open for the game to be available on other consoles, all signs seem to point towards the next installment in the famed franchise will be an Xbox console exclusive. Until the latest Elder Scrolls releases, there’s always more Skyrim.

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