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Is Xbox All Access a good deal?

Do you actually save any money?

xbox all access plans
Image: Microsoft

If you’re hankering after one of the next-gen Xbox consoles, Microsoft added a new way to buy this time around. It’s called Xbox All Access, and it lets you spread the cost of your new console over 24 months.

Instead of buying your console outright, and paying a monthly subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft bundles both costs together, so you pay $24.99 a month for the Xbox Series S, and $34.99 for the Xbox Series X. Seems like a good deal, right? One monthly payment, zero down, zero interest, one shiny new Xbox. So, is it? Are there any catches? Let’s find out.

So, is Xbox All Access worth it?

Short answer: Yes, if you were planning on subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate anyway

Let’s talk numbers. Either you cough up the cash for your console upfront, in one lump sum, then subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or you subscribe to Xbox All Access for two years, bundling everything into one monthly payment.

If you were going to buy the Xbox Series S outright, you’d pay $711.46 in all, assuming eight percent sales tax. That’s one $299 console and 24 months of $14.99 for Game Pass. For Xbox All Access, you’d pay $24.99 per month, for 24 months, for a total of $647.74. A $60+ discount is nothing to sniff at, and also means you’re not paying credit card interest if you didn’t pay for the console with cash in the first place.

The picture isn’t quite as clear for the Xbox Series X. Cash buyers would pay $499 for the console, and 24 months at $14.99, for a total of $927.46, with the same eight percent sales tax. Xbox All Access is $34.99 per month, so 24 months works out at $906.94. Sure, it’s a $20 saving but it’s not as big of a difference.

Still, either way, Xbox All Access can be cheaper than buying your console outright. You still own the console after the 24 months of payments, and you get the option to upgrade to the next console, without having to deal with the whims of trade-in values at your local GameStop. Isn’t that a win?

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