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It looks like 4K streaming is now rolling out for Google Stadia

The rollout is still limited at this time.

google stadia controller
Image: Google

First reported by 9to5Google and popping up throughout Reddit, it looks like Google is starting to roll out 4K game streaming on the web for Stadia users.

We knew this was coming, as this was always part of Google’s game streaming pitch, but until now, 4K gaming has been something that was “on the way.” According to the Reddit thread, people have seen the new streaming support in games like Assassin’s Creed, Grid, and Mortal Kombat 11.

Multiple users have confirmed this, with one person noting that the option was available on their Mac after setting their screen resolution to 4K. Another noted it “was working on Chrome.” It’s not live for everyone, however, with another user noting that it was unavailable for them and their “4K monitor and 500mbit speed.”

google stadia 4k streaming

Image: Baconrules21 / Reddit

It also seems that just because it shows for one game, it doesn’t mean it will show up for the others. One user noted that “For some reason, the 4K label did not show up when I played ACO. But It showed up on Grid and MK11.”

This looks to be a part of Google’s play to get more people playing its Stadia service by an increased rollout frequency of new features. In another report from 9to5Google, a look at the APK hints at Stadia’s upcoming free tier, as well as YouTube streaming and game sharing for families.

It’s good to see Google pushing updates, but without developer support, will it ever be able to truly get off the ground?

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