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How to get an invitation to Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service

It’s extremely easy.

Project xcloud being shown on android phone during inside xbox show
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service is now available as a public beta, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to go sign up, so you can test-drive the new game streaming service without having to pay the inevitable subscription fee once it fully launches.

If you’re not already on the list, here’s how to go get an invite.

Here’s how to get on the list for xCloud’s game streaming preview

Okay, so to start streaming Xbox games to your mobile devices, you need a few things.

Those include:

  • An invitation (Only residents of the US, UK, South Korea or Canada are currently eligible)
  • A Bluetooth-enabled Xbox Wireless Controller (this excludes the original Xbox One and Xbox Elite controllers)
  • An Android device (6.0 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher) or an iOS device running iOS 13 or higher
  • A fast internet connection (Microsoft suggest 5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data exceeding 10Mbps)
  • The Xbox Game Streaming App on Android devices or Testflight app on iOS devices

Now, to get an invitation you’ll have to go register to get on the list. Microsoft recently expanded the program to iOS devices as well, so don’t think you can’t participate if you’ve got an iPhone. Once you get the all-important email of acceptance, click on the link to either download the Xbox Game Streaming app (if on Android) or the Testflight app (if on iOS) and follow the instructions to get going.

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