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JBL made solar-powered headphones that offer “virtually unlimited” battery life

Assuming you live in California or only wear them under floodlights…

jbl solar-powered headphones
Image: JBL

Ever had your snazzy wireless headphones run out of battery while you’re out of the house? Of course you have, batteries only last so long. Well, a new set of cans from JBL aims to fix that, with the Reflect Eternal.

These wireless headphones have a neat trick – solar charging material on the headband that the company says will get you “virtually unlimited playtime” between charges, for just 2.5 hours of being outside in the sun.

Sounds great, right? Well, there’s a big proviso… That claim needs prime beach weather to hold up, so you’ll be lucky to gain much extra if it isn’t hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk.

JBL’s new headphones are solar powered

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Really, the only cool thing here is the solar charging material that’s on the headband. I mean, the rest of the headphones seem like standard JBL kit, which should be good enough but probably won’t blow your socks off.

  • Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar material is what enables the recharging by sunlight
  • JBL says they’ll even recharge indoors, but don’t expect a quick recharge if you do

If the idea of solar-charged headphones appeals, head on over to Indiegogo where you can snag a pair for $99, 40% of the eventual price. Just know that crowdfunding is a weird place sometimes and you might not get exactly what you backed.

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