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New Adidas headphones get power from any light source

On top of solar charging, the new headphones feature 80 hours of battery life.

adidas solar powered headphones on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Ever wished the music would never stop? Well, now it won’t, with Adidas’ latest solar-powered headphones. They’re called the RPT-02 SOL, they cost $230, and they use solar panels in the headband to keep themselves charged.

The best part, it doesn’t require the sun, it can use any light source. Yes, any light source. The sun, the lights in your office, the emergency lighting in the subway. All of it.

It’s the latest pair of solar-powered headphones to use Powerfoyle, an efficient solar technology from Swedish company Exeger.

The best part? You’d never know that it has solar cells on it from looking at it. The Powerfoyle tech resembles spun mesh, like the stuff you find on your central air filter.

adidas solar powered headphones
Image: Adidas

That tech gets you an hour of playback for every hour of light it gets, making your wireless headphones into an unlimited source of music. Well, until your phone runs out of power.

Even if you can’t get to a light source, the headphones have 80-hour battery life. That’s ridiculously impressive. For context, most high-end over-ear wireless headphones have around 24 hours of playback.

adidas solar powered headphone leaning on a wall
Image: Adidas

Adidas has clad the earcups in stylish knit fabric, which is probably good for gym use. The company also used 87 percent post-consumer recycled plastics in their construction.

Multiple other companies also have solar-powered headphones. Urbanista has a similar over-ear option and a new set of earbuds. There’s even a solar-powered headset for office use from Blue Tiger.

The most important thing to note here is that these devices are mainly powered by a renewable power source. That’s good for the planet.

You can get the Adidas RPT-02 SOL for $230 direct from Adidas.

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