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Expect to see a A LOT more people wearing Apple AirPods soon

The AirPods Pro model has a lot to do with it.

apple airpods on iphone 7
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60 million. That is double the amount of AirPods that Apple expected to have shipped to retailers in 2019, as reported by Bloomberg.

If you go for a walk around your city, chances are you are going to see at least a few people wearing AirPods. It’s not like the AirPods are just a trendy piece of tech, it is a good product. Now, expect that number to increase thanks to this huge influx in demand.

The abundance of customers wearing them is certainly making Apple happy. Sales exceeded expectations for the recently released AirPods Pro, which definitely helped bolster those shipping numbers. That model of the wireless earbuds is priced at $249 and features a long list of great features, including noise cancellation.

AirPods sales are skyrocketing and going above and beyond Apple’s presumptions

Apple reported that the sales of the Wearables, Home and Accessories category have come to $6.5 billion. The percentage of what the AirPods make up of that sales figure is currently, as of this writing, unknown. But, it wouldn’t be surprising if sales for the AirPods surpass other products in that category like the Apple Watch or Beats headphones.

With the AirPods continuously growing in popularity, it can be expected to see the earbuds top sales on Black Friday.

Business Insider reported that in a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, an asset management firm,  AirPods routinely topped teens’ wish lists for the holidays. The lack of competition is also going to help AirPod sales. Other companies have had trouble with bringing their AirPod counterparts to market, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

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