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Lady Gaga didn’t mince her words with Ninja in a recent Twitter exchange

Put ’em in a coffin!

lady gaga vs ninja
Image: KnowTechie

Hold up, let me get my tea for this.

Lady Gaga, amazing person and Bayonetta fan, recently went to Twitter to ask “What’s fortnight” and of course people from all around the web jumped at the chance to make jokes about what was presumably a discussion about Fortnite, the game.

Instead, she was met with countless replies telling her that it is a period of two weeks.

Even Dictionary.com got in on the action

Of course, no conversation around Fortnite could be complete without a mention to arguably the most famous gamer and streamer in the world, Ninja.

It was a funny response sure, but the clapback from the Queen took the whole conversation to the next damn level

My GAWD. How you going to do my mans like that, Lady Gaga? Sure, Ninja is crying into his millions of dollars, but how do you come back from such shade? Probably by buying like a Lambo or something, so maybe the joke is actually on me. I don’t know.

Ninja did follow up with a pretty solid comeback, telling Gaga to “Ask @Drake“, another crossover I never thought we’d see, yet here we are.

I’m still not sold that this isn’t just some elaborate marketing scheme about the new chapter of Fortnite and that we’re not just getting played for the fools that we are.

What do you think? Witty, natural Twitter engagement between two stars or is this actually just a marketing gimmick? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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