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The Life is Strange 2 trailer dropped and someone just flipped a damn cop car

The full reveal is scheduled for August 20.

Life is Strange was quite a game. Having played various Telltale offerings and gaining a new appreciation for narrative-driven games, I picked up the title on a whim when it was on sale and finished it within days.

The characters were believable (if not a bit overdramatic, but hey, they are teenagers, that is to be expected) and the world DONTNOD delivered was full of life and character. By the end of episode 1, I was fully invested in the pixels on my screen. I had to help them.

While we can debate the ending and the value of our choices, the fact remains that the game provided an awesome experience. After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination. A prequel was released, titled Before the Storm, and while it never captured that same feel of the original, it still was a solid experience. Now, players will be able to return to the Life is Strange universe with what is being called Life is Strange 2.

You can check out the teaser for yourself above, but basically, it looks like shit is hitting the fan and that cop (and his car) definitely got slung across the road.

DONTNOD Entertainment and Square Enix are saying everything will be revealed on August 20, and we can expect the first episode (of five) to release on September 27. If you’re hankering for more of the Life is Strange universe, don’t forget that you can play The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit fo’ free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Honestly, my biggest issue right now is the name. For a universe so inspiring, the title of this game is anything but.

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