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LIV literally puts you into the VR game you’re streaming

The is a… game changer.

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As a content creator, you want to do things to set yourself apart from the pack. One way is to stream virtual reality games, but until now, you’ve only been able to stream what you see. Prague-based startup LIV has a solution that actually puts you into the VR titles you’re streaming, so it’s like your viewers are watching a third-person perspective game.

They’ve already integrated their system into games from Harmonix, Beat Games, Ubisoft, and Cloudhead Games, so you’ve probably seen some of your favorite creators using the software already. Now they’ve just raised a million bucks as seed funding, from notable investors like Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, and Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck.

LIV literally puts you into the VR game you’re streaming

No doubt you’ve seen people streaming Beat Saber with video footage of them inside the game. That’s most likely due to LIV’s tech, which takes your camera feed, edits out the green screen behind you, and then composites your movements into the game feed. It’s pretty darn impressive, and the list of games that it works with is growing as VR gets more mainstream.

  • The LIV app has been downloaded 34,000 times on Steam
  • It’s responsible for the viral success of Beat Saber last year, enabling more immersive VR streaming for content creators to use

I’ve got it downloaded for future use, so if I get my hands on a VR headset, expect some immersive VR content from KnowTechie. Until then, check for VR streams on your favorite streaming sites.

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