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Luxury brands entering the NFT space

With many companies having already joined the NFT space, many other luxury brands can take some inspiration from them and create their own digital collections too

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One term that managed to turn the world upside down over the last year was ‘Non-Fungible Token’ (NFT).

The term has been showing up all over the internet and it’s incredibly popular on Twitter— involved in practically every conversation about cryptocurrencies.

The very first NFT was created in 2014, and despite remaining relatively under the radar for several years, these days NFTs have turned into the latest social norm.

Both big and small brands have joined the trend of developing NFTs by collaborating with digital artists and platforms and trying to cash in on the popularity of NFTs.

Even some of the biggest luxury brands have decided to join the NFT space by creating one-of-a-kind collections of products in the Metaverse.

With many companies having already joined the NFT space, many other luxury brands can take some inspiration from them and create their own digital collections too.

Gucci x Superplastic

Gucci decided to create an NFT collection in collaboration with popular creator Superplastic, which entered the brand’s Secret Vault.

The NFT collection is titled SuperGucci and features the core characters of the entertainment brand Janki and Guggimon, wearing some of the fashion brand’s classic prints.

Every digital token in the three-part series has its own little ceramic sculpture, which are all made by ceramicists who work for Gucci in Italy. 

Burberry x Blankos Block Party

The British fashion house Burberry collaborated with the NFT-based game creator Mythical Games so that the company’s game Blankos Block Party could feature an exclusive character from Burberry.

The character is an NFT called Sharky B, and anyone playing the game can collect the digital token and sell it to other players.

The fashion house also decided to launch an in-game NFT accessory collection for the character, including pool shoes, jetpacks, and armbands.

Louis Vuitton x Beeple

The popular French high-end luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton also decided to join the NFT space by partnering with the digital art pioneer Beeple.

The fashion house and Beeple decided to create an NFT game titled ‘Louis: The Game’, which was released in 2021 as a celebration of the 200th birthday of the brand’s founder—Louis Vuitton.

Players could join Vivienne, the fashion brand’s mascot, to find 200 different collectible candles. The game also featured 30 digital tokens, in part created by Beeple.

The players could collect the tokens but reselling them was not permitted. The game is available on all mobile devices.

Givenchy x Chito

The creative director of French luxury fashion and perfume house, Givenchy, decided to collaborate with Chito, a Mexico-based artist.

The brand decided to create both a brand-new fashion line for Givenchy, as well as an NFT collection. Much like most digital tokens, every NFT in the collection is completely unique and consists of 15 pieces.

The NFTs mainly feature young characters and were created in the signature graffiti style of Chito. This made the NFTs give people the impression that they were made with spray paint instead of a paintbrush.

Editor’s Note: Dara Busch is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.

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