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Missing PAX East this weekend? Steam (kinda) has you covered

A pandemic may keep some people away from major games conventions but Steam has an option for those who can’t make it.

Pax page
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Are you jonesing to get out to the land of “chowdah” and perpetual construction to see the latest games being revealed at PAX East? Have you also balked at the idea that heading out to a densely populated area with the coronavirus running amok? Looks like you don’t have to miss the show after all.

Steam’s home page has a solution for you

The PAX East page features a few different categories for your perusal. “Upcoming Games From The Pax Show Floor” features many of the games that Kevin and Josiah are currently checking out. The thing is, you don’t have to wade through a sea of people or wait in line to find out about games like Panzer Paladin or Othercide. Instead, you can visit their Steam page or watch the live gameplay being broadcasted on the page.

Meanwhile, the “PAX East Indie Showcase” features the four indie games that are currently being promoted on the signage and live feeds at the show. Those games are Door Kickers: Action Squad, No Time to Relax, Wunderling and Tangle TowerThe first two games are currently out and are sporting deep discounts. The last two games are coming out soon and are demoed on the PAX show floor.

The “PAX Rising” category features games that are given special distinction on the PAX East floor. These games are up and coming indie games and are coming out this year. They have been identified as the potential indie darlings of this year. Take a moment and check out Neon City Riders, Eastern Exorcist or any of the other six games on this list.

Don’t forget the staple that is the Indie Megabooth

The Indie Megabooth is actually a large portion of the PAX East floor. It features the bigger, more mainstream indie games. Games like Coffee Talk, Spiritfarer or Sometimes Always Monsters are destination games on the show floor, but you can check out with a simple click. If you aren’t into those, the Indie Minibooth is an option. It has some of the smaller games that all share a small space on the show floor.

You can see some of the more mainstream titles on the PAX floor. PAX mainstays like Pit People and Shovel Knight are being shown off here. What is pretty badass is that if you wanted to see Dead Cells: The Bad Seed you’d probably need to wait at least 30 minutes in line with people that don’t know basic hygiene. On the Steam page, you can scope out all the nifty details while sitting in your underwear.

All in all, it’s not perfect, but Steam really gives you an opportunity to check out a lot of what you are missing from the show.

What do you think? Plan on checking out Steam’s page to see what’s going on at PAX East? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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