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Modders jailbroke a PS5- here’s why you should avoid doing it

Look, we know it’s fun to tinker with things, but maybe don’t jailbreak your PS5 just yet.

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In case you missed it, modders have officially jailbroken the PS5. Doing so allows them to access the system’s debug menu and download some content not currently available on the latest PlayStation console.

Essentially, the hack requires an older version of the system software. While there is a lot of technical jargon behind it, the important part is that it gives access to the debug menu.

That debug menu in the PS5 could give modders more tools to improve their tools for jailbreaking, allowing for even more exploits in the future.

It also means that modders have started trying to download software that isn’t available for the PlayStation 5. The biggest example is P.T., the infamous teaser for the Silent Hills game, which was eventually canceled.

But, now that the PS5 has been jailbroken, some people out there are probably considering doing it themselves. Listen, you do you, but there are a couple of solid reasons why you should avoid jailbreaking your PS5.

Why you shouldn’t jailbreak your PlayStation 5

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If you are considering doing this to your PS5, we have two extremely solid reasons why you shouldn’t. This is especially true for people that use the console as their main gaming platform.

You could have your PlayStation account banned

Look, jailbreaking your console and doing things the manufacturer didn’t intend is a surefire way to get your account banned.

If that happens, kiss all of your hard work and the money you spent on games goodbye. You’ll be unable to connect to the PlayStation Network, which means you could lose access to games and functionality.

You could ruin your PS5

So, if that wasn’t enough to scare you away, then maybe this will. If you mess something up while jailbreaking your console, you could cause irreparable damage to it.

And because you did something against the Terms of Service, it’s very doubtful that you could send the PS5 in for repairs. Now, you’re out of hundreds of dollars and stuck trying to get another PlayStation 5.

Jailbreaking is tempting, but what does it really do?

PlayStation 5 Standard vs. Digital Edition
Image: KnowTechie

Look, at the end of the day, what you do with your console is up to you. If you want to jailbreak your PS5, just understand the risks.

Also, it’s important to remember that right now, jailbreaking the console really doesn’t accomplish much.

Sure, you can access the debug menu, but unless you are a modder that understands those internal systems, you’re not really gaining anything.

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