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Lenovo teased a short clip of its new folding Motorola Razr and it looks absolutely insane

Hello Moto, indeed.

Foldable motorola razr on table
Image: IT Tech (YouTube)

The foldable future is here, and it’s no secret (at least not anymore) that Motorola is resurrecting the Razr branding with its first foldable screen device.

It must be getting close to release now, as Sina Tech reported that earlier today, Lenovo (who owns Motorola now) showed off a video of the phone in action to some lucky press.

While the video shown off was an edited fan render, according to Engadget, it must have been close enough to the actual device for it to be used as a press demo. That video, shown below, has the upcoming Razr folding in half and also unfolding to flat, showing the continuous screen made possible by the new flexible OLED screen tech.

The video, while short, confirms almost everything of the exterior design we’ve seen so far

It’s accurate to the pictures leaked last month, showing the hinges of the device, and also teasing that the device will have three colors at launch, black, blue and red. The video is also accurate to the patent designs that Motorola filed at the beginning of this year.

There haven’t been any leaks for a concrete release date yet though, so we might have to wait a while before the Razr’s sharp looks are again on the shelves at cellular stores. With the Wall Street Journal estimating the device to have a $1,500 price tag, will the melding of nostalgia and futurism win in the hotly contested foldable race?

If Motorola can make it to the market before Samsung actually announces a new shipping date for the Galaxy Fold, I can see the Razr cutting a big chunk of the foldable market off for itself.

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