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Zone cleaning features are now live on Neato’s top-end robotic vacuum

This is Neato.

neato robotic vacuum
Image: Neato

Owners of the top-end Neato Botvac D7 Connected robotic vacuum should be on the lookout for a new update notification in the Neato app on your smartphones.

This update will include the long-awaited Zone Cleaning feature that Neato announced a few months back.

Here’s how it works

Just open up the app, accept the update notification and it will automatically update the robovac wirelessly. Once the update is complete, you’ll have the ability to identify specific rooms or custom areas of your home that need additional cleaning and then add those zones to the schedule that Neato is already programmed with.

Zone Cleaning is one of the best innovations to come to robovacs since their introduction to the market. No longer do the robovacs need to bump their way around your home, or be physically fenced off from going into rooms that they’re not wanted. Now you can set No-Go lines to any zone, creating off-limits areas in any area or room of your home.

The timing of this update is great, just before the busy holiday season that will no doubt bring more dirt into your homes. I wonder how well the Neato D7 copes with pine needles for the area around the real Christmas Trees in your homes.

More about created zones

Neato’s new update also allows users to create specific zones throughout the house, either full rooms or defined areas. It also includes the ability to overlap zones, so you can customize Neato’s cleaning paths to suit your home. Being able to overlap zones could let you clean the hallway leading up to your teenager’s room, and the room itself, without needing the robovac to waste time cleaning areas on the way.

Keep an eye on your app as the feature begins rolling out to users of the Botvac D7 Connected via a software update today, Tuesday, December 4th. All users should have the update within a week.

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