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Netflix will stop working on older Samsung TVs – Here’s how to check if your device is affected

You hate to see it.

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Image: Consumer Reports

Samsung has stated that starting in December, certain Samsung smart TVs will no longer be able to use the Netflix streaming app.

Netflix’s reasoning behind this decision comes from technical limitations. Some smart TVs and streaming devices have issues with the Autoplay feature, which helps Netflix’s algorithms generate recommendations for its users.

For those who rushed out on Black Friday last year and bought a newer model, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, for the folks who bought their TVs almost a decade ago and have no real problems with their sets…this can be a problem.

What devices are no longer going to be working with Netflix? And how do I know if I have that device?

Answer: Some models in the “C” and “D” range

If you have a C or D model of Samsung TVs manufactured after 2010, it will not be supported by Netflix. Other devices that are no longer being supported include older Roku sticks.

On the Samsung TVs, the numbers will read like “XX50CXXXX” or “XX50DXXXX.” If you don’t know the model number or have any idea what year your Samsung TV was released, there are two methods.

One, and this is much easier, especially if your set is wall-mounted, use the remote to select Menu, head to Support, and click on the Contact Samsung option. There, you should be able to see the model number. And two, and this is more for older smart TVs, you can unplug the set, and turn it around to find the model numbers located on a sticker.

For those who are in that group of people that are affected, you can buy a new TV on Black Friday or invest in one of the many streaming sticks out there.

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