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New leak suggests a significant zoom upgrade for iPhone 16

Apple’s future iPhones could outshine Android flagships in camera capabilities

A iphone 14 plus sits atop an electronic device, capturing the moment.

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The iPhone lags behind Android in terms of camera zoom. Android flagships are famous for their periscope zoom lenses, which simulate real camera lenses and produce high-quality zoom images without any loss of detail.

However, it seems like Apple is finally ready to catch up by launching its first iPhone with a periscope lens in 2023.

Yes, we’re talking about the iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra. Previous rumors suggested that the smartphone will receive a new camera upgrade.

However, A recent rumor suggests that the 2024 flagship iPhone, the iPhone 16 Pro Max, will have an upgraded zoom camera.

iPhone 16 Pro Max Camera Upgrade

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According to a Weibo post by Digital Chat Station, the 2024 model of iPhone – possibly named either iPhone 16 Ultra or iPhone 16 Pro Max – will receive a significant zoom camera upgrade.

Digital Chat Station suggests that the phone could come equipped with a “periscope ultra-telephoto” lens.

Despite potential translation errors, the message implies that the telephoto lens on the new model can be considered a “super” telephoto lens.

This implies that the new lens will have an exceptionally high focal length. Super-zoom lenses are typically seen at sporting events and boast focal lengths over 300mm.

Considering the current-generation iPhone Pro Max has a focal length of just 77mm, this would indeed be quite an impressive leap.

Recent leaks have provided further evidence to support Digital Chat Station’s earlier statements regarding Apple’s intention to incorporate larger sensors in their future iPhone models.

iPhone 14 cameras
Image: Apple

If these speculations are accurate, upcoming devices such as the iPhone 16 Pro Max may boast superior camera features when compared to top-of-the-line Android smartphones.

Currently, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the most well-known Android smartphone in terms of zoom, with a focal length of 230mm. In comparison, the Google Pixel7 Pro only has a focal length of 120mm.

However,it’s worth noting we’re discussing projections for September2024 and there’s no telling what advancements android flagships might achieve by then . It’s possible when Apple unveils its much anticipated Iphone16 pro max ,there might already be bunch of android smartphones offering even greater than300 mm focal lengths .

It’s possible that neither Digital Chat Station nor Apple is actually targeting the landmark figure of 300mm. However, it’s refreshing to see that Apple is taking Zoom cameras seriously, even if they are a bit late to the game.

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