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Nintendo has to ramp up production of the Switch because everyone wants one

The Nintendo Switch is so hot right now.

Animal crossing on nintendo switch
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According to a new report from Bloomberg, Nintendo has asked its manufacturing partners to increase the production of Nintendo Switch to as many as 30 million units. This is the second time the company has demanded an increase in production from its manufacturing partners. In August, they asked their manufacturing partners to deliver as many as 23 million units. In less than a month, they changed their mind and added 5 million units on top of that. 

As a result, the factories that produce the Nintendo Switch are already running at 120% of their capacity. 

The increase in sales came due to an increased demand for gaming consoles during the pandemic and the smashing success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Earlier this year, the production of the Switch was pretty much at a halt because of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown in China. During that period, Nintendo Switch demand skyrocketed, and there was no way to keep up with it. But even when the factories reopened and the production lines were steaming ahead, the demand largely outweighed the production. 

Throughout the summer, when all supply chain hiccups were resolved, finding a Nintendo Switch in stores was no easy task. Six months after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the demand for this game and the console is still quite high.

What’s next for the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo executives are aware of the current momentum and want to ride that wave as long as possible. To that end, they plan to release a new, high-end console at some point next year. They even asked some game developers to upgrade their titles so that they can be compatible with a 4K upgrade. 

At the same time, they know that their competitors, Microsoft and Sony, want to rival their success with their new generation of consoles.

Based on data supplied by the Famitsu Group, which is a leading industry tracker, the demand for Switch is not yet fulfilled. Their data even implies that Switch sales will even increase in the coming months. 

So, as long as their production partners can cope with the pressure, Nintendo might end 2020 on a high note and make their shareholders very happy.

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