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Nintendo just released a free jump game to help you get off your butt during quarantine

The only accessory you need is your Joy-Con controller.

jump rope challenge nintendo switch
Image: Nintendo

If you’ve been on the fence about diving into a fitness regimen on your Nintendo Switch through something like Ring Fit Adventure, but still want some motivation for getting some exercise in, the newly-released Jump Rope Challenge may be for you.

While not nearly as impressive as something like Ring Fit Adventure or Fitness Boxing, it has got one thing going for it that the others do not – it’s free. In the case of Ring Fit Adventure, it also isn’t dealing with any stock shortages due to the coronavirus.

Using your Joy-Cons, Jump Rope Challenge is a simple game created by a small team of Nintendo developers who have been working from home. It will track your days and let you change your daily challenge goal. It’s for one or two players, so if you prefer your physical activity with a friend, partner, or family member, you’re covered there as well.

The developers note that you can also play the game without actually jumping (maybe you live above neighbors) but it will recognize your action if you are bending your knees enough.

There really isn’t much more here, but that’s ok. It’s a free game that encourages you to get some exercise in, even if you are stuck indoors.

You can download Jump Rump Challenge directly from the Nintendo eShop.

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