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NVIDIA launches GeForce RTX 40 Super GPUs at CES 2024

NVIDIA’s new cards bring plenty of power with a starting price of $599.

New NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Super cards

CES 2024 has started, and no one expected NVIDIA to sit on the sidelines, waiting for the event to end. The famed GPU company just held a virtual event and announced the RTX 40 Super series of graphics cards.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Super series cards

Based on the announcement, the flagship RTX 4080 Super is leading the series and apparently is capable of running fully ray-traced games in 4K resolution. 

According to NVIDIA, the new card is two times faster than the RTX 3080 Ti with DLSS and 1.4X faster without frame generation technology.

Behind the RTX 4080 Super is its less powerful sibling, the RTX 4070 Ti Super. Nvidia has positioned this card for 1440p/144Hz gaming. 

The 4070 Ti Super offers 16GB of memory and a 256-bit bus, and the company claims a 1.6X performance boost over its predecessor, the RTX 3070 Ti.

With DLSS 3.0 enabled, you can expect a 2.5X performance boost. 

The last one in the series is the RTX 4070 Super. The company didn’t share too many details regarding this card but said it is faster than the RTX 3090 without using DLSS.

However, you can still expect a 1.5X performance boost with the DLSS 3.0 enabled. 

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Super pricing and availability 

NVIDIA didn’t shy away from mentioning the price and availability of the announced GeForce RTX 40 Super series. 

The RTX 4070 Super will be available at $599 from January 17, while the RTX 4070 Ti Super will be available from January 24 with a price tag of $799.

Meanwhile, the top-end RTX 4080 Super will be available from January 31 at $999. 

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