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Peloton is working on an in-app video game where you control a wheel

Getting some real ‘Rainbow Road’ vibes here.

peloton cycling game
Image: Peloton

If pumping your legs while watching similarly sweaty people shout at you in an “encouraging” manner isn’t your idea of a good time, Peloton hopes you’ll like its new cycling game. Currently under the naming “Lanebreak,” the in-app game has you control a freewheeling wheel along a neon track.

The Verge had some hands-on (or should that be feet-on) experience with the new game mode, which will eventually be available for all Peloton bike owners and subscribers.

Their words? It’s like “Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, with a track trailing off into the universe.” Those pedaling to keep their tire moving on track have to change cadence and resistance to meet goals set by the app and to keep on rolling forward.

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You’ll be able to change the music you want to hear, the length of the track, and the difficulty level before you start, and Peloton will be starting a member-only beta later this year.

Gamification elements include the three types of challenges to gain points: Pickups, which gives you points if you’re in the right lane; Streams, which gives you points based on cadence; and Breakers, which gives points based on how much you sweat energy you use.

Was it enjoyable for The Verge’s Ashley Carman? Well, no, but they did say it might depend on if you like playing games or not. For our part, we like that Peloton is trying something different, which might bring in new subscribers that don’t particularly want to do instructor-led classes.

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