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Photoshop for iPad sounds like a complete mess – here’s what folks are saying about it

Imagine that, yet another tech release is disappointing.

photoshop for the ipad
Image: KnowTechie

Okay, so after years of the design community asking, Adobe finally brought Photoshop to the iPad. The thing is, the version released seems to be a bit of a hot mess right now, with missing functionality

Whelp, Photoshop for iPad sounds like a hot mess right now

Five months ago, reddit asked “where’s our Photoshop for the iPad?” That question has now been answered, but the answer created even more questions. Things like “where’s my core functions?”, “why can’t I resize anything?“, “where’s my brushes?“, “why can’t I rotate with touch?“, and thousands of others

Oh, dear, Adobe. I mean I get your stance about not just blindly porting all ten thousand (or so) functions from the desktop app over to iPad, but really? Some of the most used functions like brush import are missing (well, only missing from Photoshop for iPad, as they’re in Fresco instead).

Let’s see what the creative community is saying now they finally have Photoshop on their mobile devices:

Adobe, you forgot to add digital painting

Wait, there’s no magic wand tool either? What is this, 1990?

He went there… He really did…

Oh look, it can create MS Paint level memes. That’s a good use of a $10 per month subscription fee

Uh oh, this video review is pretty scathing

But at least they were able to get it working

This artist paints a pretty picture of what Adobe seems to be up to…

Okay, maybe it has SOME uses…

For Adobe’s part, it seems they’re listening to the community. It would have been nice to have more conversation before the launch though

If you don’t want to wait, Affinity Photo for the iPad is on sale right now… It’s $9.99 and there’s no subscription model after that payment. Sweet.

What do you think? Have you tried out the new Photoshop app? Plan on it? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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