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Pixel Troubleshooting app may be coming to older Pixel phones soon

Android 14 may bring a wider release for the app.

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Pixel 8 Pro

It’s still the early days for Google’s new Pixel 8 series, which comes with multiple new features exclusive to the latest Pixel phones. And one such feature is the new Pixel Troubleshooting app.

According to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, while the app is currently exclusive to the Pixel 8 series, it may come to the other Pixel devices with the Android 14 QPR1 release.

What is the new Pixel Troubleshooting app? 

Running battery diagnostics with pixel troubleshooting app
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The Pixel Troubleshooting app is not your conventional application, so you won’t find it in the App Drawer on the Pixel 8 devices, no matter how hard you look. 

It’s a system app that you can use from the Battery and Network section of the settings app.

The app delivers diagnostics and troubleshooting for common issues like battery draining too quickly, connectivity issues, etc. 

Additionally, the app also suggests easy resolutions and lets users to share diagnostic data with Pixel Care support agents to take better care of their smartphones. 

Where to find the Pixel Troubleshooting app? 

You can find the Battery Diagnostic on the Pixel 8 phones within the Battery menu under Settings. It has multiple options here describing issues with the battery.

You can even run diagnostic tests depending on your issue and get support information. 

If you want the Mobile Connection troubleshooting options, they are available under Network & Internet, which provides tips to improve the connectivity and contact Pixel support. 

Basically, you are getting built-in troubleshooting options like Windows, but only for battery and network issues, which aren’t all that uncommon

When are Pixel 7 users getting it? 

As we understand, the app is currently restricted to Google’s Pixel 8 series: Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. 

There’s no sign of the app on the Pixel 7. However, the APK for the app can be sideloaded onto the standard Pixel 7 and it seems to run fine. 

While it was a successful experiment, there’s still no concrete news when Google will make this app available on other Pixel phones. Our only info comes from the leaker Mishaal Rahman, suggesting a release alongside Android 14 QPR1.

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