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Porsche’s $12K soundbar features a 992 GTS exhaust system

Maybe this soundbar will appeal to true gearheads.

soundbar made from porsche 911 exhaust
Image: Porsche

Porsche Design announced a new soundbar that costs $12,000 and features the exhaust system of the Porsche 992 GTS.

No, you didn’t misread that. This piece of functional modern art costs $12,000. Porsche Design only made 500 of them for the entire world, but we imagine the target market is small.

The 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro has enough oomph to go 0-60 in a really short time. The 2.1.2 virtual surround system has 300 watts of system power, 4K-compatible HDMI ports for input, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth 5.0.

And don’t forget — the original Porsche 992 GTS exhaust system. That’s the internal name for the 911 GTS before it gets to the consumer market, and you can now have a piece of it on your wall.

porsche exhaust soundbar
Image: Porsche Design

Well, assuming you have $12,000 to spare, in a looming recession, with inflation out of control. Oh, and a wall able to hold 65kg (143.3 lbs).

You’ll have to be a purveyor of purloined Porsche parts to really enjoy this soundbar in your home. Even Dolby Atmos DTS-HD, Apple AirPlay 2, and Google Chromecast support won’t be enough of a draw for most.

porsche 911 soundbar on wall of industrial apartment
Image: Porsche Design

Maybe this soundbar will appeal to true gearheads. It’ll certainly turn heads, just as much as the car that also uses that exhaust system.

Porsche Design isn’t the only company making oddball speaker systems. These options are a great way to decorate while hiding functionality so you can listen to music wherever you are.

It’s also not the only time Porsche Design has put an exhaust system on a speaker. The last version was $3,500, and featured 2.1 virtual surround and 200 watts of power.

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