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Razer launches new $99 Leviathan V2 X soundbar for PCs

Razer shrinks the Leviathan soundbar for V2. It’s got a smaller price tag, too.

razer soundbar on desk
Image: Razer

Razer has added a new soundbar to its range of audio gear—the $99 Leviathan V2 X. The standalone soundbar is smaller than the existing Leviathan, making it an unobtrusive way to add speakers to your PC.

The new Leviathan V2 X PC loses some of the audio quality that the bigger, more expensive cousin has. For instance, you don’t get a subwoofer or THX Spatial Audio.

What you do get are two full-range racetrack drivers and two passive bass radiators. The baby Leviathan also connects to your PC using USB-C with Power Delivery.

The soundbar also has Bluetooth 5.0, so you can connect your smartphone and other devices.

gaming pc setup
Image: Razer

Razer says that the new soundbar’s sound output will depend on what device is plugged into the USB-C port. The max output is 90 dB at one meter away from the soundbar.

The nice thing is that you can power it from a wall socket, but you’ll have to provide your own USB-C charger. It’s only 400mm long, giving even the smallest desks a chance at full-sized speakers.

It wouldn’t be a Razer device without a mention of Chroma RGB, the company’s signature lighting system. Sadly, you get fewer lighting zones here, at 14 (vs. 16 on the larger Leviathan).

razer leviathan v2 x soundbar next to rgb chroma keyboard
Image: Razer

The soundbar is 4/5ths the size, though, so you end up with smaller lighting sections which might suit some color patterns better.

For under a hundred bucks, this looks to be good value. It brings stereo sound to your PC, and you can always use Window’s inbuilt spatial sound to give it some more presence.

You can preorder the $99 Razer Leviathan V2 X PC now, with Razer starting shipping on September 28.

UPDATE 1/16/2022: Razer announced a new version of the Leviathan V2, called the Leviathan V2 Pro. Read more here: New Razer soundbar uses AI head-tracking for surround sound

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