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16,000 cheaters have been banned from Apex Legends

An in-game reporting system is much needed.

Apex legends gameplay
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The fast-paced battle royal title Apex Legends came out of nowhere and quickly rose in popularity, topping 25 million players in a little over a week. That is bonkers and something that even the extremely popular Fortnite can’t boast. Everyone seemed to jump on the bandwagon, with the game being played by everyone, including streamers that made their name with Fortnite.

As with any online game, however, there were issues at launch. Crashes and strange glitches were everywhere and even cheaters were already finding their way around the game. It didn’t help that Respawn Entertainment’s system for reporting these cheaters was convoluted. In order to report a cheater, you had to go online and load up the Easy Anti-Cheat website and file it that way.

Even with such a convoluted report system, Respawn announced in a Reddit thread that 16,000 cheaters have now been banned from the game.

Respawn is working on a better reporting system

That’s great and all, but as people continue to enjoy the game and more cheaters start popping up, a better, in-game system will be needed to report cheaters. In the same thread, Jay Frechette, community manager and the one that posted the original thread notes that the team is looking at a better way to report cheaters in-game.

Hopefully, that happens soon, as it is honestly expected in an online game, especially in 2019.

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