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Review: EWin Champion Series gaming chair

This chair will help save your back without having to sell a body part.

e-win champion series chair
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

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If you’re like me and spend way too much time sitting down at your computer, it’s important to have a nice chair. A good gaming chair can let you sit at your computer for hours, or even days for those hardcore gamers with little to no fatigue.

Today, we’re going to be checking out the Champion Series gaming chair from E-Win. The Champion Series is available in several different colors and designs on Amazon for $369 and on the company’s website on sale right now for $359 (regular $469).

The Champion Series is a racing-style gaming chair with adjustment options and features that have become common in gaming chairs. It’s covered in the company’s own Stain Resistant E-Win 2.0 polyurethane leather and filled with high-density memory foam.

I’ve been sitting in the chair through my workdays and while gaming for over two weeks. It reminds me a lot of the Secretlab TITAN, though with a few key differences. So, let’s see what the chair is all about.

Unboxing and assembly

e-win champion series gaming chair headrest
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

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One of the most grueling parts of ordering a piece of furniture like the E-Win Champion Series gaming chair is the process of unboxing and assembling it. Chairs like this one tend to come shoved in a box with several different pieces that you have to put together.

And the Champion Series chair is no different. Like most gaming chairs, the Champion Series comes in a big box stuffed with several pieces of the chair.

Fortunately, putting together the Champion Series chair was relatively simple. All of the big pieces were mostly assembled, and the instructions were perfectly clear. The hydraulic part of my chair was a bit different than in the image, so I had to double-check. But the assembly was pretty easy all-in-all.

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And I really like the hardware that’s used to assemble this gaming chair. A lot of the time, companies will use cheap screws that strip out or aren’t threaded great to put together a gaming chair.

But the Champion Series doesn’t fit that mold. It comes with a hex key wrench and bolts with nice, big heads that are easy to use. It’s a small matter in the overall performance of the chair, but it definitely sets a good tone when the assembly is this easy.

What kind of features does the Champion Series gaming chair have?

e-win champion series gaming chair laid back
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

As for features, the Champion Series is loaded with what you would expect from a gaming chair at this price. It features a five-legged base with plastic wheels that roll nicely, even on my old, dingy carpet.

The seat of the chair features two levers that have adjustment functions built-in. One is the standard hydraulic lever that lifts and lowers the chair.

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The chair is recommended for heights all the way from 5’3″ to 6’5″, and at 6’2″, I’m very comfortable at around two-thirds height. Anyone who is 6’5″, or even a few inches taller for that matter, will have plenty of legroom at max height.

The other lever unlocks the seat so you can lean back in a sort of rocking motion. And you can lock it at any position, so you can set the chair up for ultimate relaxation mode.

I did notice that even with that lever locked, the chair still rocks just the slightest bit. It’s nothing drastic but definitely noticeable if you rock back and forth with the lever locked.

As for reclining, the lever on the seatback lets you lean the Champion Series back up to 155 degrees. That’s more than enough to get a solid nap in this gaming chair.

And of course, the chair comes with two high-density foam pillows, one for your back and one for your neck. The one for your neck is a bit loose on the strap that holds it up, so I have to adjust it a little to find that sweet spot. But both of the pillows are comfortable and offer that extra little bit of support.

But most importantly, is it comfortable?

e-win champion series gaming chair backrest
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

Of course, none of all that previous stuff really even matters if the gaming chair isn’t comfortable. But that’s not a problem with the Champion Series from E-Win.

As I said earlier, the chair reminds me a lot of the Secretlab TITAN, and it’s on that same level of comfortability. The high-density foam is stiff at first but still feels nice after a full day of work. And after a couple of days, the foam starts shaping to your bum and it gets even better.

A lot of times, I have problems with the armrests on a chair. While most are pretty adjustable, I still can’t find quite the right setting for typing or gaming. But the Champion Series armrests are adjustable in four different dimensions, and finding a comfortable spot was relatively easy.

If I had one negative to say about the comfort of this gaming chair it would be that it feels a bit narrow. Spreading my legs even just a little bit while sitting makes them start to rise up the edges. And sitting back against the backrest, the sides are a little tight.

I have a pretty narrow frame, so it’s not really an issue for me. I actually slide back in the chair quite cozily. But if you have a broad chest or shoulders, you might feel a little constrained in this chair.

Should you buy the E-Win Champion Series gaming chair?

e-win champion series gaming chair seat
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

And for the final verdict? The E-Win Champion Series is definitely an option that you should consider on your chair hunt. It sits at a relatively comparable price and features long-day comfort that keeps getting better as the chair breaks in.

Whether you’re short or tall, the Champion Series gaming chair will have you covered. And its adjustability makes it easy to find a comfortable position for either gaming or productivity.

While it’s not quite as comfortable as my favorite chair, the Mavix M7, it gives it a run for its money. And it’s a good deal cheaper.

For me, the Champion Series is most comparable to the Secretlab TITAN. But the latest TITAN generally sells for about $550, which is still almost $100 more expensive than the non-sale price of the Champion Series.

If you’re looking for an incredibly comfortable racing-style gaming chair that’s not going to break the bank compared to competitors, then you should definitely check out the Champion Series from E-Win.

You can find this gaming chair on Amazon for $369, or on the company’s website with a sale price of $359 (normally $469).

Bonus Deal: EWin is extending KnowTechie readers with an exclusive 20% discount. Enter promo code KnowTechie20 at checkout and you’ll get a 20% discount knocked off your order. This coupon code is only valid on Ewin’s website.

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