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Review: Lockly Vision Elite smart lock

A smart lock that does it all.

Lockly Vision Elite on wooden door
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

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The Lockly Vision Elite provides the convenience of a smart lock and the security of a smart doorbell system.

This all-in-one package brings these features to those who don’t have the space or don’t want more than one smart device attached to their front door.

It is also for those who prefer the convenience of having everything located in a single app.

As the successor to the Lockly Vision, the Vision Elite takes Lockly’s game to the next level.

Quick Verdict
Lockly Vision Elite
Quick Verdict: The Lockly Vision Elite combines a smart lock and video doorbell system into one unit. It's great for people who don't have the space or don't want multiple smart devices attached to their homes. At $500, it is a bit pricey, but its features justify the cost.
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06/11/2024 04:43 pm GMT

Lockly packed this device with many features, including HD video, multiple unlocking methods, a doorbell with 2-way audio, night vision, motion sensing capabilities, and solar-powered rechargeable batteries.

At $500, this two-in-one device looks to be your go-to smart lock and video doorbell system. But does it succeed in integrating the two devices into one cohesive package?

I spent the past few weeks figuring that out. So let’s dive in and see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Lockly Vision Elite door lock on white door with cover off
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

Product specs

Lock Type:Deadbolt
Lock/Unlock Mechanism:Electronic guest keys, touchscreen, and physical keys
Power Source:Solar
Installation Type:Retrofit
App Compatible:Yes
Wireless Connectivity:Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Network Connectivity:4G, 4G LTE, 5G
Works with:Android, iOS
Smart Assistant Compatibility:Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Installing the Lockly Vision Elite

The actual installation process was much easier and, in some ways, more complicated than I anticipated.

As a result, I felt a bit overwhelmed when I pulled all the parts out of the box and checked the installation instructions.

Luckily for me, that wasn’t the case, but I did run into some issues during the process.

Installation issues

I ran into my first problem almost immediately. The door I was installing this on is relatively old, and so is the hardware.

The Vision Elite utilizes a modern rectangular latch system (square cut-out on the inside of the door). Unfortunately, the latch on my older door had a round ring around the latch.

To get the lock to install correctly, I had to make a square cutout on the inside of my door. I don’t fault Lockly for this, as all modern latches are designed this way.

I can’t blame them for using industry standards, but it is something to keep in mind. Once I got the latch inside the door, I put the screws in to hold it in place.

The instructions then have you test the fit of the main lock assembly. Again, it didn’t fit and brought me to my next major issue.

While the latch system fit in my door, it was at its extended length and didn’t align correctly with the hole in the door for the rest of the lock.

Lockly Vision Elite door lock close up of the hatch
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

This turned into another headache. Adjusting the latch is a simple twist to make the latch shorter.

But I had to take the latch out of the door. I then realized I should not have used a power drill to install the screws.

Upon trying to remove the latch, the screw got stripped. It was so bad that I broke the head off the screw to get the latch out.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in removing that screw, so I proceeded with the installation with just one screw.

Lesson learned here, don’t use power tools to install the Lockly Vision Elite. Maybe that’s my fault, but I wish the instructions were more straightforward.

Smooth sailing

After the initial installation problems, it was clear sailing.

The main locking mechanism fits in the door like a glove and is easily attached to the door with some screws and pre-installed tape.

The interior panel is also attached to the door with ease.

Lockly Vision Elite  door lock exposed wires on white door
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

Four cables need to be attached between the interior and exterior assembly. Two of the wires look the same.

However, one of those two cables has a red dot on it and goes into the corresponding connector with a red dot on it.

The cable installation was easy, but keep a lookout for that dot. Also, be sure to charge the batteries before installation.

I charged them the day before, so I had no issues, but I can see people missing this step only to have a lock that doesn’t work right away.

It would be best if you also plugged a hub into your router to get the lock onto your home network.

It was as simple as plugging it in and walking away from it. The hub did its thing and connected to the network.

All in all, if I didn’t run into hardware problems, the whole process would have taken me 15 minutes. But my issues took my installation time to over an hour.

Lockly Vision Elite door lock on wooden door with the keys in the lock.
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

Multiple ways to unlock the Vision Elite

The Lockly Vision Elite has multiple entry methods. For example, you can unlock the door using the app, enter a pin, fingerprint scanner, or physical keys.

You can set up multiple users in the app, and each person can have their own pin and fingerprint. However, entering your pin is a slightly different experience on this lock.

To prevent someone from figuring out your pin, Lockly created something called Pin Genie.

Pin Genie groups the numbers into three buttons, which change every time. So no one can guess your pin just by watching you unlock your door.

Lockly Vision Elite door lock closeup showing Pin Genie
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

The fingerprint sensor is on the right side of the device. So if you install this lock on the right side of the door, it will become difficult to squeeze your finger between the lock and the door frame.

App and lock performance

When you first open the app, it walks you through the initial account setup and connects to the lock.

Once I finished creating my account, which included setting my pin, everything just worked.

The app is also easy to navigate. I had no issue changing the options to meet my preferences or setting up my fingerprint.

The lock can pair with Google Assistant or Alexa. Unfortunately, while it works for voice controls, you can’t pull up the video feed on other devices like the Google Nest Hub.

Lockly lock registration home and screen video images from the app on a purple background
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

Motion detection is somewhat unreliable

It has motion-sensing capabilities and can be set up to alert your smartphone or to auto-record whenever motion is detected. However, in my testing, motion detection was a bit spotty.

Moving objects didn’t always trigger the lock to record, so I wouldn’t rely on the lock’s motion detection feature. Instead, it can record the video for you to view later when it detects motion.

Lockly includes a 32GB memory card with the device, which is enough storage for up to 91 hours of recordings.

The video stream is reliable and clear

What was reliable was the video stream. The video could see at all times of the day thanks to the infrared night vision.

With fall in full swing and the days becoming shorter, this will be particularly useful. For example, when someone uses the doorbell, it immediately prompts the app to let me know someone is at the door.

I could then open the app to see the video stream and communicate with them.

Another thing I like is the auto-locking feature. Put simply, the lock can automatically lock itself upon closing the door.

Auto-lock is useful when leaving the house and your hands are full or if you are someone that routinely forgets to lock your door.

Lockly Vision Elite door lock on white door
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

Battery life

You get two batteries with the Lockly Vision Elite, and both can be charged via USB-C.

In addition, if you install the lock in a location where the sun hits it, the batteries trickle-charge via solar power.

I couldn’t test the battery life, but Lockly recommends charging it every three months.

If you ever find yourself in a position where the battery has died, and you don’t have the physical key, they include an area under the lock to attach a 9V battery.

A 9V battery will power the lock long enough to let you unlock the door.

Lockly Vision Elite door lock on wooden door
Image: Steve Smith / KnowTechie

Alternative options to consider

While it is nice to have a smart lock with the feature set of a video doorbell system, it may be too much for what you need.

However, they can be purchased separately if you only want a smart lock.

But if Lockly Vision Elite doesn’t check off all the boxes, here are some of the best alternative options:

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Primary Rating:
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Best Smart Latch
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Best Budget Pick
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03/07/2024 07:41 am GMT

Final verdict

My time with the Lockly Vision Elite began in frustration but ended positively.

As a smart lock, this device is fantastic. As a video doorbell system, it performs adequately enough for my liking.

Just note that there are better dedicated smart doorbell systems on the market. The $500 price tag can be tough to swallow.

Knowing that this is essentially a two-in-one device makes it easier to take in.

It also doesn’t have any subscription costs associated with it. As a result, this device is handy for people who don’t have a doorbell or don’t want multiple devices attached to the front of their house.

The door I installed this on doesn’t have its own doorbell; for me, it added functionality that I didn’t know I needed.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Lockly Vision Elite, which I can wholeheartedly recommend.

PGD798NVMB Vision Elite Smart Lock Deadbolt with Electronic Guest/Key/Touchscreenhttps://knowtechie.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/lockly-vision-elite-smart-lock.webpVision Elite Smart Lock Deadbolt with Electronic Guest/Key/TouchscreenInStock499.99USD1445PGD798NVMBLockly


  • No subscription costs

    Most smart locks will require some sort of monthly subscription for video alerts. Lockly doesn’t require a monthly subscription.
  • Full HD video

    The video could see at all times of the day thanks to the infrared night vision. And the video quality comes back crystal clear.
  • Great two-in-one system

    As a smart lock, this device is fantastic. As a video doorbell system, it performs adequately enough for my liking.

Where to buy

The Locky Vision Elite is available exclusively at Best Buy.

Lockly Vision Elite

The Lockly Vision Elite combines a smart lock and video doorbell system into one unit. At $500, it is a bit pricey but justifies its cost with a ton of features.

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