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Review: Master & Dynamic MW08 earbuds

If you’re someone who refuses to buy Apple’s AirPods Pro, Master & Dynamic’s MW08 is something you should put on your radar.

master dynamic mw08
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

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The earbuds market today is extremely crowded and competitive. These days, it feels like every company and its mother has its own offering of wireless headphones. So whether it’s Apple’s AirPods Pro, Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds, or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds – the options are virtually endless. 

Well, to add another name to the list, allow me to introduce you to Master & Dynamic’s MW08 earphones

The company’s MW08 earphones were launched earlier this year, and it’s the company’s latest offering of earphones since its previous launch of the MW07 Plus earphones back in 2019. They cost $299 and offer features like hybrid active noise-canceling, excellent sound quality, long-lasting battery life, and a whole lot more. 

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I’ve been using MW08 for the past couple of months, and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed. I sort of forgot that I own a pair of AirPods Pro. But is it worth the $299 price tag? Let’s find out. 

On the outside, the MW08 feels like a set of $299 earphones. The stainless steel charging case itself feels like a hunk of metal, but seeing that it offers an additional 30 hours of charge, I’m going to let it slide. 

Master dynamic mw08 earphones in someone's hand
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

The headphones themselves are made of ceramic and stainless steel, providing a lightweight scratch-resistant finish on each earbud. The company claims this is the same finish used in luxury timepieces. Coupled with 11mm Beryllium drivers, you can see why Master & Dynamic is asking $299 for these things. 

So how do these puppies sound? Well, they sound just as good as you’d expect from a pair of $299 earphones. In all seriousness, the sound really great. I listen to a lot of heavy metal, so finding a pair of earbuds that compliments this style of music is really difficult. Most offer too much bass and not enough treble or vice versa.

The MW08 strikes a perfect balance. Bass is present, but it doesn’t overly punch your eardrums with thumping bass waves. This complements the rest of the sound. Highs come in clearly, and the mids are just about right. If I were to describe it, it sounds like you’re watching your favorite band perform a live set. 

mw08 master dynamic charging case
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

If there’s one thing I really like about the MW08, it’s the noise cancelation. The hybrid active noise-canceling system on these headphones is out of this world. I usually wear my MW08s at the gym when I work out. The environment is very loud and the music being played in the background isn’t something I’d normally listen to in my free time. When I’m wearing these headphones, the noise-cancellation blocks out everything. I really appreciate that.  

Superb sound and design isn’t the only thing MW08 has going for itself. Functionality goes a long way here, and these earphones absolutely deliver. Battery life is really good. I got about 10-hours with ANC on. Plus, the charging case adds another three full recharges. 

When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, the MW08 is a breeze to connect to your phone. I’m on an iPhone and it literally took me less than 15 seconds to get them connected to my device. And they always stay connected. Over the span of three months, I’ve never had to manually connect to these earphones. They always seem to be connected anytime I need to use them. 

Should you buy them?

master dynamic headphones
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

I really like Master & Dynamic’s MW08. These earphones check off every item on the list when it comes to premium Bluetooth headphones. You get killer sound, an attractive design that oozes coolness, and impressive active noise cancellation. Seriously, there’s a lot to like here. 

But with anything, it all boils down to price. The MW08 isn’t cheap by any means – they’re going to set you back $299. I hate to use this saying, but to compare apples to apples, AirPods Pro costs $249, and with those, you get spatial audio and an adaptive EQ. The MW08 doesn’t offer this other than an equalizer in its app.  

Either way, if you’re someone who had to choose between a handful of choices of premium Bluetooth earphones, I would highly consider the MW08. Sure, they’re expensive, but you get what you pay for. Plus, you’ll have the added luxury of having something different than what everyone already has. 

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