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Review: Roccat Khan Aimo RGB headset

A solid headset offering from Roccat that doesn’t break the bank.

Image: Roccat

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Roccat has been one of my favorite peripheral companies this year due to their unique designs and functionality. Recently, the German company released the Khan Aimo, Roccat’s latest RGB headset. Paired with Roccat’s ecosystem of products, referred to as the Swarm, your office will be sprinkled in a light show of RBG disco colors.

Roccat’s Khan Aimo promises high definition audio that will blow your normal headphones out of the water. It should be noted that a 24-bit/96KHz audio source is required to reach the maximum potential of the headset. The left ear cup has a mic-arm that clicks down into place and clicks up to mute the mic, a great feature for when you’re trying to inhale some chips between rounds. The microphone doesn’t offer the best quality, but it is better than no mic at all. If you have played online with your buddies, you know how crucial microphone communication is and the headset does the job, but could definitely be better.

The left ear cup also has a thick, braided wire attached that is around 4 meters long. The Khan Aimo is powered by USB, which could be a problem for some users. Personally, I prefer a 3.5mm based product so I can listen with my mobile device as well, but it really depends on your planned use.

roccat khan aimo rgb

Image: KnowTechie

The right ear cup holds the volume rocker, and admittedly, it can be a bit difficult to locate. With the rocker being next to the 7.1/2.0 sound switch, it can be confusing when you’re thumbing your way up the controls. It is easy to accidentally hit the switches instead of the rocker, which can be immediately distracting, especially when gaming. In the middle of a match of Fortnite, I went to lower my audio and instead I hit the sound switch. It was noticeable enough for me to take my hands off my controller, causing me to die a glorious death midmatch. It eventually became easier, but I feel that it’s an unnecessary design flaw that should have been picked up during testing and design.

roccat khan aimo rgb

Image: KnowTechie

The ear cup’s memory foam material felt comfortable and light on my head, never feeling like it was slowly crushing my skull. It was especially nice that the Khan Aimo didn’t press against my glasses. I have often found in other headsets that the ear cup would press against my glasses and create a headache, but this was not an issue with these.

At the $120 price point, Roccat is rivaling other headset companies like SteelSeries and Logitech for a midrange, quality headset. It is not a stretch to say that you would be hardpressed to find similar quality in this price range. As a fan of Roccat, the Khan Aimo did not disappoint. Sure, there were some flaws, but for $120, I can certainly deal with the issues.

A review sample was provided to KnowTechie for this review.

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