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Latest Fortnite patch adds content for Battle Royale and Save the World modes

Portable forts, more loot, and updates to the single-player experience are incoming!

Fortnite patch free to play mode
Image: Epic Games

Epic Games has just dropped the latest Fortnite patch, released earlier today. Features include a new ‘port-a-fort,’ along with other great features within patch 3.5. Alongside the multiple updates to the free Battle Royale mode are also major updates within the Save the World portion of the game coming with this new patch, as well.

Since the ‘port-a-fort,” a new equipment-type that allows players to create a metal fort that is 1×1 and three stories tall, was teased. As soon as the equipment touches the ground, it will pop the fort out and will transform into an operational metal tower. The equipment is of ‘epic’ rarity and players can stack up to five. If you are a Fortnite player who has trouble with building, the ‘port-a-fort’ will be exceptionally helpful during those sweaty gunfights. However, if you are a seasoned builder and veteran Fortnite gamer, the new equipment will be a pain in the ass. How will you handle the pressure?

The other substantial addition to Fortnite with the new patch is the new replay system. The new replay feature will allow gamers to watch their past matches with different, cinematic angles. For content creators, this is an answered prayer, as gamers can change their camera settings to make highlight reels a bit more personal. Typically, highlight reels have been made out of live stream clips or third-party applications like Xbox’s clip feature or in-game PC capture software.

Fortnite save the world

Fortnite Save the World. Photo courtesy of Player.One

Epic is aiming to make gameplay better for all players, even those who do not have microphone communications. It is incredibly tricky to efficiently play a game of Fortnite without communicating with your team, however, Epic is here to save the day with a new non-verbal chat wheel. This chat wheel is comparable to Psyonix’s chat wheel that is available in Rocket League.

In patch 3.5, we will see the dismissal of the explosives-only mode and the return of 50 v 50. However, this time the mode has been rebranded as “50 v 50 v2”, and will offer a faster loot collection time along with more weapon spawns. If you thought the last 50 v 50 mode was a blast, then this time around you will be running around with more loot than ever before, mowing down anyone and anything that is in your way.

If you like to spend some time away from Battle Royale, like me, then you will be happy to hear about the new Save the World updates. Epic is working to revamp the previous confusing system and modes to make for a cleaner gaming experience. Within the new updates and system update are new mission types, melee weapon interactions, questline additions, and the return of the Survive the Storm game mode. Within the new questline, Into the Storm: Opening Act will have a whole new map and a new storyline-inspired skin.

Fortnite has taken over the world, regardless if we wanted it to or not. Children are playing Fortnite on mobile at school, adults are sneaking games at work, and gamers are breaking numbers on Twitch with time watched and time streamed. Epic has a massive game on their hands, and the development team is pumping out content week after week. Not only is it impressive, but it is commendable. If you want to check out the whole list of updates and features available within patch 3.5, you can read it here.

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