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Review Roundup: Resident Evil 2 – Does it live up to the original?

Is the Resident Evil 2 remake worth your time?

Resident evil 2 gameplay
Image: Capcom

With the remastered version of Resident Evil 2 set to release on January 25, reviews are starting to trickle in for the highly anticipated game from Capcom.

To call it a remastered version almost doesn’t do it justice. For this offering, Capcom didn’t just update the graphics and cutscenes to fit with modern visuals, but instead built the game from the ground up, completely redoing it by using the RE engine that was used in Resident Evil 7.

Are the changes good? Are they faithful to the series? Let’s find out.

Gameplay in Resident Evil 2

Early Resident Evil games always had issues with the fluidity of movement. Some of that due to technical limitations, but it doesn’t change the fact that it sometimes felt like your main characters in RE2 – Claire and Leon – were trodding through mud (or maybe guts?) the entire time you were playing. That has been updated, according to Polygon, “Claire and Leon no longer move like tanks, but like modern video game action heroes in third-person view.”

Resident evil 2 remake scary games

Image: Capcom

This is honestly huge for me, personally. Resident Evil has almost always nailed the feel of a zombie-invested horror world, but if I feel like I spend more time fighting my own character than zombies, then it’s tough for me to stay invested in the title. It’s good to see that this was addressed with the remake.

Graphics in Resident Evil 2

With any modern remake, one thing gamers expect is a huge update to the graphics of the title. With the original Resident Evil 2 being 20 years old, there was obviously plenty of room for improvement. As it turns out, Capcom came out in force to improve the visuals of the title.

Resident evil 2 gameplay

Image: Capcom

IGN notes, “Resident Evil 2 is a fully 3D, over-the-shoulder affair with atmospheric lighting effects, impressive facial animations, and the best-looking zombies I’ve ever seen in a game.” Eurogamer echoes those thoughts, stating, “[The Racoon Police Department] has never looked better. From the detailed character models and animations to the way your quivering torchlight illuminates the glistening entrails of what used to be a cop, this game looks incredible.”

Is it worth the purchase price?

Overall, the reviews are all positive regarding the remade Resident Evil 2. It’s still very much a survival game. You’ll spend plenty of time scavenging for ammo and equal amounts of time managing your inventory to make sure you have the items needed for certain scenarios.

The puzzles remain largely the same and there is enough replayability through both characters and their alternate stories. The Raccoon Police Department holds more charm than ever and removing the fixed-angle cameras doesn’t detract from the wonder of exploring a zombie-infested world in the least.

If you are looking to relive the magic of your youth or a newcomer to the series, it looks like Resident Evil 2 checks all the boxes.

Resident Evil 2 will release on January 25 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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