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Rockstar is shoving more Grand Theft Auto content down our throats with a remastered trilogy

It looks like GTA 3, San Andreas, and Vice City are releasing as a trilogy pack.

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Image: Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto has climbed its way to the top of household names in gaming. Now, the company seems to be working on remasters for three of those classic titles to be put out sometime later this year.

Rockstar hasn’t confirmed which three GTA games are getting this remaster, but some people have already gotten the scoop from some unnamed sources.

According to a new report from Kotaku, the three games that Rockstar is probably remastering are Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The outlet’s sources confirmed the three PS2-era remasters, and also noted that the games should release sometime this fall for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC, Stadia, and mobile.

This information seems to hold more weight after Take-Two Interactive noted it was working on “iterations of previously released titles” during an investor presentation.

Instead of staggering these releases, Rockstar is reportedly planning to release all three titles as a package deal that may only be availably digitally.

Rockstar is taking advantage of the Unreal Engine for this remaster, and the games will contain a mix of “old and new graphics.” Rockstar Dundee is heading up the production of these remasters. The newly acquired studio out of Scotland is also reportedly helping with the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of GTA V, which are also set to release in the fall.

Grand Theft Auto has always been an extremely lucrative franchise for Rockstar, and it doesn’t look like the company will slow down with the IP anytime soon. These three games were hugely influential in a lot of gamers’ lives, so I have no doubt that these remasters will be extremely successful.

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