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Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ is literally a 292 inch TV for your wall

That’s 24 feet, in case you wanted to measure your living room walls.

samsung's the wall huge tv
Image: Samsung

Samsung has used CES 2020 to flex massively, and I don’t mean with another shitty mobile device. “The Wall” is a 292-inch TV that uses MicroLED to blanket your wall (if you have one big enough) with perfect blacks, high contrast, and beautiful color.

Oh, and you’ll need to take out a second mortgage to afford it.

Samsung just launched the biggest TV we’ve ever seen

samsung's the wall tv at ces 2020

Image: YouTube (HDTVTest)

Nice flex Samsung, although Pink Floyd wasn’t singing about this wall back in the ’70s. Instead, Samsung’s “The Wall” is a series of MicroLED panels that can be put together into a 292-inch TV. Yes, that’s 24 feet across at the diagonal. Sweet.

  • “The Wall” is 292 inches across, and uses MicroLED to make a seamless picture
  • You can also get a 150-inch version with an 8K resolution, or sizes of 88, 93, and 110 inches
  • MicroLED is closer to OLED than traditional LCD panels, delivering perfect black levels and high brightness (without the potential of burn-in that OLED suffers from)
  • Commercial versions of “The Wall” cost hundreds of thousands of dollars installed, so better start saving up. Then again, if you have a 24-foot wall in your living room, you’re probably not short of a dollar or two…

MicroLED will be the next big (or should that be micro?) thing in the TV and monitor space, so expect this flagship tech to trickle down to consumer goods as soon as the manufacturing costs drop.

What do you think? If you had the disposable income, would you install one of these? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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