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Scribit is a robot that turns any wall into art

Who said you can’t draw on the walls?

scribit wall drawing robot on wall after drawing a picture
Image: Scribit

One of the important things I was taught during my childhood was “Don’t draw on the walls.” The thing is, there’s something primordial about writing on the walls, and Scribit wants to tap into that with its wall-drawing (and erasing!) robot.

Created by MIT Professor Carlo Ratti, think of Scribit as something similar to a wall-scale printer. All you need is two nails to hang the robot from the ends of a piece of wire, and Scribit is all ready to go. Almost anything could be drawn, from restaurant menus to pictures, to inspirational quotes. Want a daily desk calendar that’s as big as your wall? How about daily changing artwork, to keep you inspired, or even your own artwork to keep you motivated?

In case you’re worried about your security deposit for drawing all over your walls – don’t worry

Scribit has a patented eraser mechanism that goes over every line again to heat the marker lines, evaporating them into thin air – literally. At least, if you use Scribit’s erasable pens… You can also use Scribit on glass walls, with suitable markers, or on whiteboards, with erasable whiteboard pens.

Imagine setting one up in your classroom or lecture hall, and never having to hand-write another lesson plan? You could hang Scribit in your kid’s room, so they can see their own artwork drawn on the walls – something you’ve no doubt told them not to do. Although, maybe just maybe, paint their wall in dry-erase paint first, just to be extra sure it’ll erase.

If you want one, you can back Scribit on Indiegogo, where it’ll be $399 for a limited time, with an eventual $449 MSRP. The prior Kickstarter campaign raised over $1.5 million, and some early backers have already got their Scribit robots so, while we always advise caution when backing any crowdfunding campaign, this one is about as close to a retail release as you could get.

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