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Skydio’s drone-in-a-box solution makes its new Skydio 2 drone fully autonomous

I should buy a drone.

skydio 2 dock
Image: Skydio

Skydio makes some pretty awesome drones, including the new Skydio 2, and now the company is releasing a charging box for the new drone that makes it truly autonomous.

The Skydio 2 Dock is a motorized charging box that will allow pilots to remotely release and pilot the drone anywhere it can get a connection, thanks to onboard WiFi and Ethernet capabilities. Not only that, but Skydio co-founder Adam Bry tells The Verge that the Skydio 2 can find its way back to the charging box without GPS thanks to visual and inertial navigation systems.

Check out the Skydio 2 Dock in action

The way it works is that when the drone on its way back from a flight, it will land on the dock that extends from the box. On that dock is a charging station that will charge the drone. For this to work, the Skydio will need a special battery that uses contact pins on the bottom.

The box is small enough that it could be a carry-on on a plane and has options for both normal AC outlets and 12V DC power.

Now, the caveat here is that in the US, this remote box can’t really be fully utilized as drones in the US must have a human pilot that can view the drone with their own eyes. Regardless, this thing is slick and is part of a bright future full of cool drone tech.

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