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A startup in San Francisco is repurposing Skydio 2 drones for warehouse stock control

This is accomplished using an off-the-shelf Skydio 2, woah.

Skydio drone stocktaking in warehouse
Image: Ware

Okay so we’re big fans of Skydio’s incredible drones, so when we heard a startup in San Francisco is using them for warehouse stock control, we had to know more. That startup is Ware, and they’re using stock Skydio 2 drones and a bespoke software solution with machine learning to help with the dreaded warehouse stock control.

See, having to take stock of inventory is a necessary evil for all companies that hold product. It’s supposed to happen two (or even four) times a year, but with the rise in ecommerce and labor issues, this doesn’t always happen. Ware’s solution is elegant – use the world’s smartest drone to take pictures of every bin location in the racks, and have machine learning process those images into the inventory database.

That means warehouse managers can get full-counts monthly, an unheard frequency, typically. It also has a full visual audit trail, as the system stores each image for posterity. The best part for me is that it’s using Skydio’s best drone as an off-the-shelf solution. That reduces downtime and means Ware can get on with making sure their software system is accurate.

It’s insane to think how far automatically flying drones have come in such a short time. The Skydio 2 is perfect for the enclosed spaces of warehouse stacks, with excellent spacial awareness and the capability to navigate all the static and moving obstacles found in a typical warehousing situation.

I used to work in warehouse and logistics management, and I can’t tell you how much time and stress this system would have saved me monthly. Super impressive stuff from the Ware team.

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